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Cleaner Vibe is a well-established business cleaning company and a recognized authority on commercial cleaning in Maryland, as well as 13 other states. With our expertise-based, fully customizable, and highly reliable janitorial services, we’ve become a go-to choice for clients across a diverse range of industries.

Our competent business cleaners employ the latest methods and cutting-edge tools, enabling them to deliver consistent quality in record time while minimizing disruption to your day-to-day operations. Whether you require office, retail, post-construction, school, church, or healthcare cleaning services, we are the choice of partner that will contribute to your success!

Discover the benefits of hiring #1 business cleaners in the state

We’re a rapidly growing commercial cleaning company in Maryland that fosters an expansive mindset and completionist approach to business cleaning. By partnering with us, business owners, property managers, and facility administrators can reap a host of benefits, including:

  • Specialized church, school, retail, post-construction, and dental & medical office cleaning
  • A team of experienced, trained, and thoroughly vetted experts
  • 24-hours FREE re-clean for a 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Transparent pricing model that includes all cleaning supplies & tools
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Our Services

Discover all the ways our commercial cleaning services in Maryland can enrich your operation:

House Cleaning

Business cleaning

Impress your clients and motivate your employees by ensuring an impeccable workspace.

House Cleaning

Office cleaning

We’ll help you create a healthy and comfortable work environment that fosters productivity.

House Cleaning

Janitorial services

Entrust cleaning tasks to our professionals and keep your premises on the up and up at all times.

House Cleaning

School cleaning

Support your educational efforts by creating an atmosphere that promotes academic success.

House Cleaning

Retail cleaning

We create inviting premises so your customers will keep coming back.

House Cleaning

Church cleaning

Our expertise makes your place of worship spotless and welcoming at all times.

House Cleaning

Post-Construction cleaning

Make the building move-in ready in record time after a renovation, remodel, or new construction.

House Cleaning

Healthcare/Dental office cleaning

With our team, you can expect your medical office to reflect the highest standards of tidiness.

No binding contracts

No upfront costs

Transparent pricing

Your go-to office cleaners in Maryland

As a quality-driven business cleaning company, we put extra effort into hiring individuals whose standards align with our own. All applicants must undergo a stringent vetting process that prioritizes knowledge, professionalism, and a strong work ethic. In addition, those who manage to pass initial tests are subject to extensive background checks, ensuring their trustworthiness and our clients’ peace of mind. However, we do not stop there either.

Individuals who get hired receive further training in the latest methods of commercial cleaning and effective utilization of state-of-the-art equipment, as well as professional decorum that makes us so enjoyable to work with. This combination is what makes us stand out in the sea of office cleaning services and why our business cleaners are so highly sought after.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is involved in commercial cleaning?

In essence, commercial cleaning involves maintaining high hygiene standards in various facilities. It encompasses a wide range of tasks aimed at making commercial properties healthy, tidy, and presentable for all occupants. 

In addition, some commercial cleaning companies in Maryland offer specialized services, tailored to the unique needs of specific environments, for example:

  • School cleaning 
  • Retail cleaning 
  • Church cleaning
  • Post construction cleaning
  • Healthcare cleaning
  • Medical office cleaning
  • Dental office cleaning
  • Recurring janitorial services
What are the duties of an office cleaner?

The specifics of the office cleaners’ duties will vary based on your agreement with the business cleaning company but typically include:

  • Dusting and wiping surfaces
  • Mopping floors and vacuuming carpets
  • Sanitizing restrooms and kitchen areas
  • Cleaning common rooms
  • Emptying trash bins and disposing of waste
  • And more.


What skills does a business cleaner need?

To be a business cleaner in Maryland, a person must possess a variety of skills, such as:

  • Knowledge of the latest technology & methods of commercial cleaning
  • Time management & punctuality
  • Clear & efficient communication
  • Planning & organizing capabilities
  • Physical preparedness & endurance
  • Knowledge of safety protocols
What is the difference between a janitor and a cleaner?

The main differences between the two lie in the scope of their responsibilities and settings they cater to:

  • Janitorial services are typically oriented toward business cleaning, catering to various facilities. It is common for them to act as a part of a larger team and have responsibilities beyond basic cleaning duties.
  • Cleaners typically operate solo or in teams of two, and may cater to residential or commercial properties. However, they typically specialize in certain types of cleaning, such as office cleaning or housekeeping, to reflect the requirements of today’s market.


What is the leading commercial cleaning company near me in Maryland & beyond?

Cleaner Vibe is your trusted partner for business cleaning services west of Chesapeake Bay and anywhere along the Patapsco River. Whether you require extensive business cleaning in Ellicott City or comprehensive cleaning services in Baltimore, you can rely on our trained and experienced team to deliver amiable results each and every time. Reach out to us today and take the tidiness and comfort of your business to the next level!