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Cleaning services in California

Cleaning services in California are usually very pricy, which is to be expected in the golden state. Moreover, cleaning is a very labor-intensive job, so it is very rare to come across anyone offering the service for cheap. While it is not a secret that individual, independent freelance cleaners are usually more pocket-friendly, they come with their own setbacks like lacking structure or coverage. Big cleaning companies on the other hand are more reliable and standardized, but the costs are astronomical, and they lack flexibility. Cleaner Vibe is the one cleaning company in California that finds the middle ground between the two opposites. At Cleaner Vibe Agency, we maximize on the pros, and minimize on the cons. Looking for a convenient, satisfactory, and affordable clean in the golden state? Then you are going to love the perks that come with booking our cleaning services.

Halfway between flexible and structured

A big cleaning company is typically rigidly structured with regards to its options of types of cleans. It is very difficult to customize a clean from most big companies, you would probably need an attorney to add any special requirements to the cleaning packages that they offer with reasonable prices. Independent cleaners on the other hand are very flexible. They are more likely to personalize every clean in accordance with your requirements. Where they excel in flexibility however, they lack in structure. Ordering a clean from an independent cleaner is a hit or miss, and there is no consistency. Cleaner Vibe’s cleaning packages are designed to have exhaustive cleaning checklists that carter to any type of clean you’re looking for.

Our Services

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House Cleaning

We can take care of all of your weekly, Biweekly and monthly house cleaning
House Cleaning

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Need help getting ontop of the cleaning? Our deep cleaning teams are here to help
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All of our cleaning technicians use professionally graded carpet cleaning machines
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Moving home? Our professional cleaners can help bring your home back to life!
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Deep Cleaning Services in California

If it is your first time booking with Cleaner Vibe, our Deep Cleaning service in California comes highly recommended. It is our most exhaustive option covering everything from baseboards, inside windows and window seals, to detailed toilet cleaning, and intensive kitchen appliance cleaning. Whether you are looking to have company over in a clean house or planning to wow your friends when they come to your party this weekend, Cleaner Vibe’s Deep Cleaning will set the bar high.

Standard Cleaning Services in California

Our budget cleaning package is also up to our very high standards. You can book our standard cleaning package for regular maintenance cleaning, or if you are looking for a budget clean that still leaves your house sparkling clean. The checklist for our Standard Cleaning covers a lot of things including a de-clutter, vacuuming carpets and rugs, toilet cleaning, cleaning sinks, cleaning microwaves, wiping counter tops, stove cleaning, and taking out the trash. The package includes everything that most people usually look for in a clean and strives to give you the value for your money.

Move In / Move Out Cleaning in California

Hiring a cleaning service in California is the most necessary when you are moving in or moving out of a house. Even property managers have cleaning companies on speed dial because they come in handy whenever any of the properties that they manage are getting a new tenant because no one

wants to get into a dirty house. Most empathetic people are also likely to book a move out clean because it is good manners to leave the house clean for whoever moves in… and maybe in some arbitrary instances this would be the only way to get their deposit back from their landlords. Whether you are ordering Cleaner Vibe’s Move In / Move Out Clean from of the kindness of your own heart or the mandate of a strict landlord, its convenience will make the stressful move seamless. In addition to everything you get from a standard clean and a deep clean, this cleaning option includes cleaning inside the cabinets, cleaning inside the fridge and cleaning inside the oven. It goes without saying that it will save you a lot a trouble.

If there are extra services you want like doing laundry, folding clothes, packing drawers, and doing the bed, Cleaner Vibe has a standard pricing system that is very reasonable to add to your booking. This makes our packages less rigid than most big cleaning companies, and more flexible like independent cleaners, while maintaining a consistent structured system for this customization. It is the perfect middle ground.

Professional Cleaners in California

Our team of cleaners boasts of impeccable talent. Our vetting process ensures that we hire trustworthy cleaners for your home, and their cleaning is always detail oriented. We also allow our customers to specify cleaners who they prefer when they make a booking. Studies show that independent cleaners tend to get attached to their clients making them more empathetic, while cleaners from big companies remain detached and fail to empathize with the clients.

Professional Cleaners from Cleaner Vibe are friendly and empathetic, they are attached to their work, and are very happy to have regular clients. In the case that your preferred cleaner is unavailable, we have a lot of equally professional cleaners to fill in for them. All our cleaners are also insured, so you do not have to worry about any complications that may arise from unfortunate accidents.

We also have a customer service team that facilitates for all the communication and assists you with everything you need before, during, and after the clean. To top that, we have a 24-hour satisfaction guarantee. This means that if the cleaning is not to your contentment, the cleaners can come back for a reclean cost free.

Quality Cleans for Affordable Prices

The biggest perk that comes with all of this is the price. We are not the most expensive cleaning service. Our prices are affordable, and they give you value for your money. Our cleaning staff aims to strike a balance between quality cleaning and affordable prices. We also have discounts for first time cleans, monthly cleans, bi-weekly cleans, and weekly cleans.

Cleaner Vibe could as well be the most reasonably priced cleaning service from a cleaning company in California. We are in that perfect spot halfway between a cheap chaotic sub-standard freelance small scale cleaning service, and an expensive, rigid, detached, big cleaning company. Make a booking with us today and let our customer service consultants know what you are looking for.