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    Why Choose Us

    Booking a good cleaning service in Ellicott City will be no hassle at all with our dependable and beneficial services. At Cleaner Vibe, we make sure that we provide the best cleaning services based on your requirements and needs. You will be able to book your slot and get a quote in upto 60 seconds by calling us or booking online. Making sure that all of our customers get the highest level of satisfaction from our services is a major priority. 

    We are a minority owned business that works to ensure that any house cleaning needs in Ellicott City are provided for. All of our staff has been thoroughly vetted. And checked as we only employ trained professionals who are the best at what they do. Making sure that we are trustworthy. And dependable is another key aspect that we focus on when it comes to our customers.

    When looking for a professional house cleaning in Ellicott City, it’s critical to choose a cleaning service company that can accommodate your spending limits, busy schedule, and cleaning preferences. We offer unique services at Cleaner Vibe that are tailored to your requirements. 

    Our ability to be trusted in order to take good care of your homes is a major plus point. When you employ our cleaning services, you can rely on us to keep lines of communication open. Pay close attention to every detail. And show our commitment to ensuring that you get complete satisfaction from our services. All of our cleaners have had a background check, are professionally attired, well-equipped, and well-mannered.

    We make every effort to keep our services as reasonably priced as possible to help with cost saving. Our ability to be financially flexible enables us to offer the right level of assistance at the appropriate time to help with all of your cleaning needs in Ellicott City.


    What We Do

    Finding a good cleaning service is stressful and time consuming. This is why, at Cleaner Vibe you can easily get the best house cleaning services in accordance with all your needs in Ellicott City. With the best prices being offered, we will make sure that your house is cleaned to perfection. You’ll never want to stop using our services after we’ve shown you how efficient and professional we are. 

    We work in a manner that doesn’t consume too much of your time. And we will be in and out of your home in a very short period of time. We tailor our professional services according to how you want your house to be cleaned. Making sure that we abide by your instructions is important. As we personalize the cleaning services that are being done according to your needs. We use only specialized, high-quality tools and equipment for all of our jobs, handling them all professionally in a customized manner.

    You can communicate with the professionals in case of any kind of specific requests or instructions. Your instructions can be detailed and specific as this will be beneficial for us when it comes to providing services based on your needs. 

    Make sure to ask for a quote and book your cleaning slot immediately. You can do this by contacting us or online. 

    Our Services

    A range of services for your house cleaning needs

    House Cleaning

    House Cleaning

    We can take care of all of your weekly, Biweekly and monthly house cleaning

    House Cleaning

    Deep Cleaning

    Need help getting ontop of the cleaning? Our deep cleaning teams are here to help

    House Cleaning

    Carpet Cleaning

    All of our cleaning technicians use professionally graded carpet cleaning machines

    House Cleaning

    Move out cleaning

    Moving home? Our professional cleaners can help bring your home back to life!

    House Cleaning

    Maid service

    Ironing? Laundry? We offer a tailored service to fit all of your home services needs

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    No Advance payment

    No hidden charges

    Cleaning Services Near Me

    We want our clients in Ellicott City to have complete faith in both our ability to do our jobs professionally and in the manner we take care of their homes. After you have scheduled your cleaning service appointment or any other service you can easily reschedule them when you use our services in Ellicott City. We guarantee and can make sure that using our services will be hassle-free and beneficial for you.

    House Cleaning Services in ELLICOTT CITY 

    Owning a home is a wonderful experience. However, it carries a great deal of responsibility. A home’s ongoing maintenance requirements might be burdensome. Few people enjoy cleaning but ideally you wouldn’t want to normally have to do a thing to maintain a tidy home every day. We are a top-notch home cleaning company that offers comprehensive cleaning solutions for every square inch of your house. We make sure to provide you with an experience that will leave you nothing short of satisfied by combining individualized service along with the help of outstanding customer care.

    Every house has a specific set of cleaning needs. There has to be more care and effort involved in some areas or rooms than the others. We are aware that each person has their own preferences when it comes to how their home should look. We provide a range of cleaning options to suit every home and every customer’s price range. 

    You can trust the expertise of our cleaners when you use Cleaner Vibe’s services in Ellicott City. You can add any additional criteria or instructions. If necessary, you can include pictures with the instructions as well. All of the information that is provided will be given to the service staff without any kind of delay. 

    We provide both regular house and apartment cleaning services which involve cleaning the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, family room, living room, dining room, and corridors whether you arrange a one-time cleaning or frequent appointments. All floors are cleaned, mirrors are washed, baseboards, windowsills, picture frames, ceiling fans, vent covers, window blinds, and lamp shades are dusted by Cleaner Vibe.

    When we clean your kitchen, our team will also disinfect the countertops, sanitize the sinks and floors, and clean all of the appliances, including the microwave, refrigerator, oven and more. 

    Bathroom cleaning entails sterilizing and cleaning all sinks, tubs, showers, and toilets in addition to the bathroom floor, worktops, and exterior of the cupboards. Dusting, washing the floor, and making the bed are all included in our bedroom cleaning service. 

    The House cleaning services that we offer in Ellicott City include,

    Bedrooms Cleaning

    • If your bed needs to be made, we will clean the sheets.
    • We will clean the furnishings and accessories.
    • Picture frames, lamps, window seals, door frames and more will all be polished.
    • The switches and other surfaces will be cleaned properly.
    • The baseboards are cleaned and dusted.
    • We will use hot water extraction and other methods for professional carpet cleaning.
    • The sofa and other seats, chairs and tables will be cleaned and wiped.


    • The bathroom seat, shower, shower curtains and sink will be cleaned. 
    • The glass doors, bathtubs, and walls of the shower will be sanitized and cleaned.
    • The restrooms will be sanitized and cleaned from both inside and out.
    • The mirrors will be wiped and cleaned.
    • The towels will be washed and cleaned.
    • Doorknobs, doors, and doorframes should be cleaned and disinfected.

    Kitchen Cleaning

    • Sanitizing each kitchen appliance and all of the surfaces.
    • Making sure that the inside and outside of the refrigerator and oven is cleaned.
    • Cleaning the inside and outside edges of toasters, dishwashers and other appliances.
    • The stove will be cleaned leaving a smooth surface.
    • Microwave maintenance will be done for both inside and outside.
    • The floor will be cleaned and vacuumed.
    • The garbage cans will be emptied and cleaned.
    • Kitchen cabinet cleaning will be done.
    • We will also handle the dishes if any, based on your request and clean the sinks.


    • Every surface will be cleaned properly.
    • The sinks will be washed and disinfected thoroughly. 
    • The shelves and counters will be cleaned and wiped.
    • The window tracks and windowsills will be cleaned thoroughly.

    Move Out Cleaning Services in ELLICOTT CITY

    Deep cleaning as a part of move out cleaning is an important process as it calls for professional cleaning. Professional moving out cleaning services are offered by us in Ellicott City. All of our cleaners have undergone a rigorous screening process to ensure they are qualified for the position. Professional cleaners, as well as high quality supplies and equipment, are needed for end-of-tenancy or move out cleaning. You can easily book your slot by contacting us or getting your quote online. You can then relax and be assured knowing that our hassle-free, professional moving out services will ensure that you receive your deposit back from the owner or landlord without having to deal with any disputes. Our moving out cleaning services are designed to make your transition out of your previous home as stress-free as possible. 

    Deep cleaning services are provided by our expert end-of-tenancy cleaners, ensuring that you get as much of your deposit back. You can rely on the expertise and professional behavior of our staff to get the job done well. We work and put in as many hours as necessary to complete the job. If you schedule your move out cleaning services with us in Ellicott City, we will make sure we complete the entire cleaning process properly and quickly. We have specialized cleaning supplies and move out cleaning is a cleaning task that calls for specialized materials to remove stains off of walls, clean and wipe surfaces and much more that is not performed during a standard clean.

    If you want your carpet cleaned while moving out, you can request this service together with other specialized cleaning services like carpet cleaning, window cleaning, or upholstery cleaning. You can give the cleaner special instructions in case it is necessary for the move out cleaning process. By hiring a professional cleaning service like Cleaner Vibe, landlords and property managers can easily ensure that their property is thoroughly cleaned when a tenant vacates. 

    Deep Cleaning

    When your home needs to be deep cleaned thoroughly, simply contact us to handle the job from top to bottom. Perhaps you’re getting ready to sell your home, are hosting a houseful of guests, or you want to clean your home thoroughly in case it is dirty, just get in touch with us to handle a thorough deep cleaning process. We will handle and perform a regular cleaning process in addition to deep cleaning the inside of the oven, refrigerator, and range hood, washing the inside of the windows, vacuuming the upholstery, cleaning under beds and couches and dusting and wiping baseboards, window blinds, window sills, and cabinet exteriors. Additionally, we will also include and perform spot cleaning on doors, walls, door knobs, light switches, wastebaskets, and outlet covers, and give showers and baths a thorough cleaning.

    You don’t need to look anywhere other than Cleaner Vibe to get the best deep cleaning services for your home in Ellicott City. It’s usually a good idea to use our services in order to clean your house thoroughly if you haven’t in a while. Respiratory conditions and allergies could be significantly exacerbated by dust and other neglected dirt that is hidden from view.

    A deep cleaning process with Cleaner Vibe entails a complete cleaning that includes the following professional cleaning services instead of simply dealing with general cleaning, which involves dusting and mopping the surfaces with basic cleaning. Make sure to ask for a quote and book a cleaning slot in order to access the best professional deep cleaning services available in Ellicott City.


    Carpet Cleaning

    Cleaner Vibe is the best choice to handle all of your carpet cleaning needs for you in Ellicott City. If you’re looking to have your carpet thoroughly cleaned and have all the stains removed so that it looks brand new, you’re in the right place. Even though the carpet is swept frequently, there is always concealed dirt and dust, so it is a good idea to get it cleaned. Allergies and diseases may result from this.

    There are different professional carpet cleaning techniques to match and easily be able to clean the kind of carpet or rug you have. 

    You can get it cleaned with the help of steam cleaning, or with hot water extraction. You can rely on our cleaners if you use our carpet cleaning services. For our carpet cleaning services in Ellicott City, we are exceptionally competent in our approach and employ specialized equipment to get the job done. Depending on the kind of fabric your carpet or rug is made out of, there are different sorts of carpet cleaning techniques that our cleaning professionals use. You can give the cleaner instructions based on any personal preferences you may have. We will make sure that your carpet looks absolutely clean and stunning by the time we’ve finished employing our services.

    If you would like to have your floor cleaned, polished, or made to appear brand new. All types of hard floor cleaning and polishing are eligible for the hard floor cleaning service that we also provide. Wooden floor, hard floor, slate floor, marble floor, laminate floor, and ceramic floor are some of the different types of floors that we provide our cleaning surfaces for. Every different type of floor has a specialized cleaning method that should be used and our professionals make sure that they handle this task with care and expertise.

    Making sure that we provide the highest rated services while adhering to any preferences and instructions you have provided are what we will aim to do. Booking your slot for carpet cleaning in Ellicott City isn’t difficult at all with our help. Simply contact us or book your slot online to immediately get a quote. 

    Maid Service

    Many cleaning businesses try to match their clients with inexpensive maid services and cleaning companies in order to clean their homes, but it’s crucial to pick a maid service that doesn’t skimp or compromise on the quality being offered. Many businesses state that they offer the greatest housekeeping service. You should conduct thorough research to determine whether you are receiving their top maids and what is covered by their caring maids cleaning services.

    We are highly qualified and are an affordable maid service that meets the high standards of care and attention to detail that clients need. Every member of our staff has undergone screening, vetting, and background checks. Customers rate and review them as well based on their performance. 

    With our maid services or one time maid service you will get to view and provide ratings and reviews on each maid. If you’re ever dissatisfied with the cleaning service you have received from our side, we offer 24/7 customer support and make sure that you are fully satisfied by the end of the process.

    When cleaning, if you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s incredibly simple to make a mess. This is why our maid service is the best in Ellicott City. They’ll be aware of which cleaning agents to apply to different surfaces to keep things in perfect shape. Additionally, they won’t spend too much time. Every cleaning task will benefit from their attention to detail, which will leave an impression on you and anybody that visits your home.

    Customers who have children or pets and need to locate a dependable maid to help out around the house will benefit from our maid service as we help deal with the chaos and mess that could be caused. We are highly reliable as compared to other maid services and will prove to be very useful to you. Customers can screen, evaluate, and rate maids while providing constructive feedback on our services. To ensure that you hire a top-rated maid service, you can browse and look through ratings and reviews about our services before making your maid service reservation.


    We are aware of how challenging it may be to carve out time for yourself in the middle of a hectic week. We want to ensure that your maid service can accommodate the demands of your hectic schedule. You can schedule your maid to arrive at your home at any time by booking a slot based on your needs and preferences. You can reschedule at any time with a notice period and we will help you book a new slot easily.