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    Cleaner Vibe is the ideal choice for superior cleaning services in Florida. You can book your cleaning slot in as little as 60 seconds, and our staff and team will assist you with the best solutions to your house cleaning needs. We are a minority-owned company whose primary goal is to provide our clients with the highest level of satisfaction possible.

    Our first-rate housekeeping staff can be reserved by booking online or contacting us, and we aim to meet all of your requirements. Our primary goal is to ensure that our clients are satisfied. We are well-known for being extremely trustworthy and dependable.

    Our cleaning professionals are exceptional in their field. We strive to meet all of our client’s demands while establishing their trust and confidence in our services. This is why every member of our squad has been thoroughly reviewed and investigated before being hired.

    Choosing the most suitable cleanup regime in Florida for your demands can be stressful and hectic as it is quite lengthy in terms of time. Fortunately, Cleaner Vibe will effortlessly handle all of your requirements. We will offer the most affordable house cleaning services in Florida.

    What We Do

    Our expert house cleaning staff will undoubtedly save you time, and you will be able to easily ensure that your home is perfect and neat after we have finished. With our well-known services in Florida, you will get magical results that surely leave you satisfied and make you keen to work with us again.

    We understand how complicated and unmanageable it is to handle messes after social events or events of any kind at your home when there is a lot to clean, and you are so tired and this is why we are here.

    Our Services

    A range of services for your house cleaning needs

    House Cleaning

    House Cleaning

    We can take care of all of your weekly, Biweekly and monthly house cleaning

    House Cleaning

    Deep Cleaning

    Need help getting ontop of the cleaning? Our deep cleaning teams are here to help

    House Cleaning

    Carpet Cleaning

    All of our cleaning technicians use professionally graded carpet cleaning machines

    House Cleaning

    Move out cleaning

    Moving home? Our professional cleaners can help bring your home back to life!

    House Cleaning

    Maid service

    Ironing? Laundry? We offer a tailored service to fit all of your home services needs

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    Cleaning Services in Florida

    The Sunshine state is known for its hundreds of miles of pristine blue beaches, warm weather, and mouth-watering seafood. And of course, you know that Florida is also the theme park capital of the world, which makes staying inside the home while living in this blue heaven almost a sin. With all this waiting out for you and you still don’t get out there to enjoy yourself with friends and family? We exactly know what’s holding you back – HOUSE CHORES

    Think about the last time you stepped out for a beach picnic, a dinner date, or a kids’ play date. If it’s more than 2 weeks back then you should understand that your profession and house chores are eating your family or ‘me time’. Despite sacrificing all that to run your house, are you satisfied? Look around your house, isn’t there a load of never-ending laundry awaiting you? Isn’t the auto-filling trashcan reaching its brim? Is the dishwasher waiting to be loaded? Isn’t your kid’s toys spread all around the house? Are the bathrooms really clean?

    We know these questions can eat your head and we understand how hard it is to run a one-man show and that’s exactly the reason Cleaner Vibe wants to share the load you have been carrying all along. We take pride in our professional house cleaning and maid services that help you have a more social life and give you the much-needed break.

    House Cleaning Services in Florida


    Bedroom Cleaning

    Bedrooms are one of the intimate parts of the home hence our bedrooms must be calm and serene which brings out our inner peace and promotes deep sleep as eight hours of sound sleep is essential for a healthy human being to be active throughout the day.

    Cleaner Vibe understands all these emotions built in a bedroom while handling this asset and provides additional importance to cleaning your bedrooms. we take care of

    • Vacuuming floors and beneath each piece of furniture.

    • Clearing cobwebs and litter lying on the floor.

    • Wipe clean your windows and mirrors
    • Dusting fans and changing bulbs.
    • Spot clean walls and curtains thoroughly
    • The baseboards are cleaned and dusted.
    • Strip clean your bed and give a clean makeover to the room.
    • Mop our way out.


    Studies show that taking a long shower or a nice warm bubble bath after a long stressful day can bring down your stress and anxiety by 65%. The bathroom is the place you can relax and rejuvenate, also it is the most private space in your house.

    Cleaner Vibe not only understands this but is also aware that the bathroom is the hometown of germs and exercises to get cleaned in each nook and corner of the place.


    • Through clean wet and dry areas separately
    •  Clean and polish sinks, mirrors, and countertops
    • Hit your shower head and bathtub
    • Vacuum the entire floor
    • Look for leakages and clogged drains
    • Work down to the bathtub and toilet surrounding area
    • Mop our way out 

    Kitchen Cleaning

    The kitchen is considered the heart of any house as it is the food-producing unit for your family members. Food tastes better when cooked with love and served with care so the kitchen is the connection builder of a house

    Cleaner Vibe know the struggles behind handling both cooking and cleaning countertops hence we take care of all the deep cleaning

    • Clean and scrub countertops and sink areas.
    • Clear grimes build on counters and cabinets
    • Vacuum the floor.
    • Remove trash cans and replace bag

    • Clean check on refrigerator, microwave, oven, and coffeepot.
    • Deep clean dishwasher and clear builds.
    • Mop our way out.

    • Kitchen cabinet cleaning and more will be done.


    The living room is the central unit of a house and it’s the most open space vulnerable to sudden visits of guests and family members. It is also the space for large gatherings and football matches.

    Cleaner Vibe completely understand the stress behind keeping your living area as speck and tidy as possible, thus we help you with

    • Spruce blinds, drapes, curtains
    • Declutter and make interior movements
    • Dust electronics and furniture. 
    • Vacuum the entire floor.
    • Deep clean couches and whisk out crumbs and pet hairs.

    • Clear cobwebs and litter.
    • Mop our way out.

    Move Out Cleaning Services in Florida

    Decided to move to a new place to start a new life? No worries, Cleaner Vibe is here to make your new beginnings squeaky clean. We help you right from vacating your house to moving into your new house.

    Our trained professionals will help you scrub years of grime build to make your house shine as bright as your future.

    Deep Cleaning Services in Florida

    One word that has the power to turn off anyone is DEEP CLEAN as no one wants to spend their leisure time bulldozing through years of dirt unless and otherwise, you have an obsessive cleaning disorder.

    We have a team of professional maids who love what they do and are involved in diligently working out through the dust and dirt in your home.


    Carpet Cleaning Services in Florida

    Carpets are the powerhouse for dust and dirt. Your carpet has the special power to look clean yet hold tons of impurities and if you have a pet, your carpet is the magnet that takes in all the pet hair.

    This can cause serious health problems, especially for kids. Hence our professional cleaning team cautiously deep cleans your carpets and makes sure they stay clean and hygienic.

    Anyone can build a house but creating a home out of it is what matters the most and a good home can be built only upon cleanliness. A clean house not only feels good but also helps instantly lift your mood. But with Cleaner Vibe on your side, you don’t have to spend all your time cleaning your house as you now have access to professional cleaning support to relieve you and give you a break from your never-ending chores. What are you waiting for? 

    Simply contact us or book your slot online to immediately Get a FREE Quote.