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One of the ways to invite positive vibes, reset the energy, and rejuvenate your home for healthy and comfortable living is to clean the house deeply. A professional cleaning keeps the house in the best shape by removing allergens and improving air quality.

So, if you also want to improve your living space and look for superior-quality house cleaning experts in Houston, consider Cleaner Vibe House Cleaning Services. We are a team of proficient people who provide immaculate house-cleaning services in Houston. We are committed to exceeding clients’ expectations by ensuring high-quality, timely, professional house cleaning services. Also read How to Choose a Cleaning Service Company, then choose us for your cleaning service.

Regular House Cleaning Services in Houston

Regular Cleaning Services by Cleaner Vibe is a comprehensive house cleaning that includes conventional cleaning. It takes two to three hours for us to make your house dirt-free, thoroughly cleaned, and organized. We are determined to deliver high-standard cleaning procedures. Also, We offer greater cleaning efficiency for a dust-free and safe home.
Our professional cleaners are adept at performing these tasks at your convenience. Whether your requirement is once, daily, weekly, fortnightly, or monthly, we offer customized household cleaning services and work according to your specific needs and demands.


Our Services

A range of services for your house cleaning needs
House Cleaning

House Cleaning

We can take care of all of your weekly, Biweekly and monthly house cleaning
House Cleaning

Deep Cleaning

Need help getting ontop of the cleaning? Our deep cleaning teams are here to help
House Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

All of our cleaning technicians use professionally graded carpet cleaning machines
House Cleaning

Move out cleaning

Moving home? Our professional cleaners can help bring your home back to life!
House Cleaning

Maid service

Ironing? Laundry? We offer a tailored service to fit all of your home services needs
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What do Regular Cleaning Services Include?

Under the regular cleaning services category, Also we offer complete services such as mopping floors, vacuuming carpets, bedroom cleaning, changing upholstery, etc. We ensure the cleaning of all the areas in the house, including the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, living area, common area, etc.

Regular Bathroom Cleaning Services

  • Sanitizing the toilet
  • Cleaning of bathroom fittings, including shower and sink.
  • Dusting and wiping of floors and walls
  • Wiping knobs and door handles
  • Wiping light switches
  • Cleaning of mirrors and other glass fixtures
  • Removing trash and recyclables.

Regular Bedroom Cleaning Services

  • Cleaning bedroom fittings and fixtures
  • Making beds
  • Changing linens.
  • Wiping reachable bedroom floors
  • Wiping door handles
  • Wiping light switches
  • Cleaning of mirrors and other glass fixtures
  • Removing trash and recyclables.

Regular Kitchen Cleaning Services

  • Washing of kitchen cabinets and drawers
  • Inside and Outside cleaning of all kitchen equipment and appliances like microwave
  • Scrubbing and cleaning of kitchen sinks
  • Cleaning of kitchen countertops
  • Dusting and mopping of reachable kitchen floors
  • Wiping door handles
  • Cleaning light switches
  • Removing trash and recyclables.

Regular Living/ Common Area Cleaning Services

  • Wiping reachable floors
  • Wiping door handles and knobs
  • Wiping light switches
  • Cleaning of mirrors and other glass fixtures
  • Cleaning furniture and fixtures
  • Removing trash and recyclables.

Deep House Cleaning Services in Houston

Deep cleaning services are much more than regular cleaning. As the name suggests, Deep Clean is a house cleaning service that makes the home look and feels brand new. The deep cleaning focuses on neglected areas that often collect dirt and grime. With our quality deep house cleaning services in Houston, we aim to prepare your house for hosting special occasions and gatherings.
Cleaner Vibe deep cleaning services revamp your home from top to bottom. Unlike regular cleaning, our in-depth cleaning services pay attention to those hard-to-reach areas that have been neglected. It eliminates built-up dirt from the home, restoring your health and safety. Deep cleaning services are ideal for hygienic and health-conscious people, Read here Difference B/w Deep Cleaning & Regular Cleaning House.

What do Deep House Cleaning Services Include?

Our team of experienced professionals includes the following in the deep cleaning services in Houston:

✔️Cleaning of all the walls of the home inside out
✔️De-cluttering and organizing your things in the home
✔️Re-arranging the furniture
✔️Doors and Window cleaning
✔️Ceiling and Fan cleaning
✔️Rugs and Carpet Cleaning
✔️Chimney Sweeping
✔️Pressure Washing
✔️Spring Cleaning

Same-Day Move Out Cleaning Services in Houston

Cleaner Vibe also offers Move Out Cleaning Services in Houston. These services are often mandatory, at the time of leaving the house or apartment which was taken on rent or lease. When the rental or leasing contract ends, the landlord wishes to have the house in the same condition as it was given to you. This makes move-out cleaning services mandatory.

To make the house look neat and tidy, allow Cleaner Vibe to move out cleaning services in Houston and make the house look impeccable and spotless. We excel in offering move-out services to houses, apartments, condominiums, and townhouses. We ensure to leave the home spic-and-span by impeccably cleaning and organizing living areas, kitchens, washrooms, bedrooms, etc.


What does Move Out Cleaning Services in Houston include?

Meeting the demand of the house owner is essential to get the complete security amount refund. Cleaner Vibe move out cleaning services ensure an impeccably cleaned house! Our Move Out Cleaning Services include cleaning the living area, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, etc.

Living Area Move-out Cleaning Services

The living area is the first room that greets your visitors. It is important to leave the area neat and orderly. At Cleaner Vibe, we include the following in Houston’s living area move-out cleaning services.


  • Cleaning and Vacuuming of Rugs and Carpets
  • Wiping of doors and their frames.
  • Floor Mopping
  • Scrubbing Window and Window Sills
  • Cobweb Removal
  • Scrubbing Skirting
  • Cleaning of all mirrors and glasses in the area
  • Leaving the walls unblemished by removing spots
  • Cleaning the cupboards and drawers from inside
  • Wiping baseboards.

Bathroom Move-out Cleaning Services

The bathroom is another place in the home that needs the most attention. Our move-out bathroom cleaning service includes the following:

  • Deep scrubbing of bathroom floor
  • Cleaning of toilet seats and sinks
  • Cleaning of bathroom tiles and removing all the stains.
  • Scrubbing bathroom fixtures like showers, bathtubs, etc.
  • Removing dirt and wiping bathroom cupboards from inside and outside.
  • Cleaning toiletries like soap dishes, shower heads, etc.
  • Cleaning mirrors and glasses.
  • Mopping floor, walls, and tiles.
  • Scrubbing skirting boards

Kitchen Move-out Cleaning Services

The kitchen area is the only room that attracts most dirt and stains. For this reason, the homeowner is always very particular about the kitchen cleaning. At Cleaner Vibe, we include the following in kitchen move-out cleaning service in Houston:

  • Cleaning of kitchen countertop
  • Grease removal from stovetop, exhaust, etc.
  • Inside and Outside cleaning of kitchen cabinets and drawers.
  • Wiping kitchen appliances and equipment inside out like oven, refrigerator, etc
  • Wiping door handles.
  • Wiping difficult-to-reach kitchen cabinets and handles on the top.
  • Removing stains and spots from the kitchen walls.
  • Scrubbing Skirting boards
  • Floor Mopping
  • Deep cleaning sink.

Add-on Cleaning Services in Houston

Cleaner Vibe also offers add-on move-in and move-out cleaning services in Houston. The homeowners, tenants, property managers, and realtors can connect with us. We cater to your unique requirements and offer a tailor-made solution for you. Our add-on cleaning services include:

  • Rugs and Carpet Cleaning
  • Windows cleaning from inside and outside
  • Wall cleaning
  • Washers and dryers cleaning
  • Laundry
  • Dishwashing, etc.  
Besides this, we can custom-create cleaning services according to your job.

Why should you choose Cleaner Vibe House Cleaning Service in Houston?

Cleaner Vibe has a rich experience in providing astonishing house cleaning services in Houston. Our clients vouch for our superior services. With our dedicated team of experts, we can cater to unique demands and provide top-quality and on-time cleaning services in Houston. Follow our professional cleaning tips and tricks that save your time. Whether you need regular cleaning, deep cleaning, or move-in or move-out cleaning services, we are always eager to meet your expectations.

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House cleaning is a passion for us. Cleaner Vibe is proud to offer excellent cleaning services. Allows us to rediscover the joy of life for you and help you with a happy and healthy home! Call us and book your appointment.