Why Choose Us

Cleaner Vibe is a house cleaning service and deep house cleaning agency in los angeles that also deals with other services. Customer satisfaction is our key commitment and our team of professionals is highly devoted to their tasks. The reasons why we should be chosen are listed below.


Your time is precious and this is why the Cleaner Vibe Agency is committed to its services so that you can experience the most efficient apartment and residential cleaning services in Los Angeles. Our professional cleaners work fast and they are very efficient in their tasks and this helps us to provide an outstanding house cleaning job. Our goal is related to the delivery of everything that is required concerning privacy along with providing minimal disturbances while performing the cleaning services. We provide services that are at the highest standard for a comfortable life.


Cleaner Vibe provides a convenient online booking system so that one can instantly book cleaning services. If one has questions or wants to discuss the cleaning, we are always accessible by phone. You can easily place a call according to your preference. We also conduct a feedback session so that one can speak to us about our demerits so that we would like to improve on that particular aspect.


We believe in punctuality and this is why we provide excellent customer-satisfying services. We prefer co-ordinating everything by ourselves as customer satisfaction is extremely important to us. You just need to sit back and relax and our team will help you to take care of the dust.

What We Do

We provide residential cleaning services along with house cleaning services. The other services that we provide are move-out and deep cleaning services with carpet cleaning as an additional service.

Our Residential Cleaning Services in Los Angeles, CA

Cleaner Vibe is the best house cleaning service provider for residential house cleaning in Los Angeles. If one owns a home or is on rent, house cleaning and maid services can help one to get through busy and tiring days.
When one hires professional cleaners or cleaning providers, one can always select the type of house cleaning service that one wants. One can also forget about the house cleaning service worries and freshen up the days with joy, music, fun, and most importantly, relaxation. One can spend some more time with loved ones. This is a great way to end the day after a cleaning session with Cleaner Vibe.


Cleaner Vibe offers bedroom cleaning services where our professionals will move all the movable furniture out of the room to have free access to the dirt-laden corners. We will ensure that the ceiling fan, if any, is cleaned up properly and that each segment and inch of the room and room objects are cleaned to the tip.


Cleaner Vibe offers bathroom cleansing facilities that will provide you with a shining bathroom. Our professionals take note of every aspect of bathroom cleaning from the sink (if any) to the bathtub (if any) along with several other tasks. Our services make the customers satisfied and happy and they feel fresh.


Cleaner Vibe has a team of professionals who take note of every corner, storage, ceiling, etc of the kitchen and deliver the best outputs for your satisfaction.

Living Room

Our professionals clean every portion of your living room and make the furniture and living room shine with our best quality services.

Same-Day House Cleaning Services in Los Angeles

If one has a small home and is looking for a focused and thorough cleaning of the rooms, the best option for you is probably a one-hour cleaning. In one hour, a professional can clean the basics of most of the space. For example, in an hour a cleaner can generally complete vacuuming or mopping floors, dusting all the furniture, cleaning the toilet, cleaning the shower, and get another one to two other special tasks done.

This is just an example that can give you a sense of what can be done so that you can make wise decisions. If one is looking for a deeper cleaning, a two-and-a-half-hour cleaning session will be probably the best as it gives them more time to get into the details of cleaning for the customers.

Here Is a List of Examples of Items a Home Cleaner Can Do in This Amount of Time Other Than Basic Cleaning.

  • Cleaning the stove
  • Cleaning the oven
  • Cleaning the microwave
  • Cleaning the refrigerator
  • Washing the dishes
  • Making the bed
  • Get into more detail on all items

This is just another example for you to have a quick idea of what can be done. One can also get 4-8 hours of cleaning done if one wants more attention to detail during the cleaning process. A short tip for you is that this is an ideal hour package for a great cleaning session at your residence.
The most popular service for an average-sized home is the two-and-a-half-hour job. In 2.5 hours, a professional can get all the rooms cleaned with the basic steps of cleaning with some additional rooms done as well. The most typical types of rooms that one can get done in a 2.5-hour job are the brief cleanings of all bedrooms, and guest bathrooms and some additional cleanings of

  • Master bath
  • Kitchen
  • Living room
  • Other common spaces

These cleanings are primarily focused on the needs of the customers during the given timeframe. So, one can pick up the services that they would want. A 4-8 hour of cleaning is the most common for larger homes having 5+ bedrooms. They are generally a good choice for someone who wants a thorough deep cleaning session. This is the approximate amount of time to get into good details for most of the homes. This is also the choice of service for end-of-tenancy cleanings.

Having a clean house highly indicates that one is probably leading a healthy life. Everyone likes to have beautiful-looking bright rooms, but this can be achieved only if one takes house cleaning services regularly. Moreover, cleaning an untidy room should be left to the hands of a professional house cleaning service as one can have a lot of productive stuff to do with the help of professionals. We, Cleaner Vibe, provide you with the best house cleaning services in Los Angeles with a 100% guarantee of quality and an affordable and flexible time at the doorstep with a properly trained team.

House cleaning is a very important step in maintaining good hygiene. In case one is not able to get deep house cleaning services at affordable rates in Los Angeles, one can contact us. We, Cleaner Vibe, have been one of the most renowned house cleaning service companies and we have satisfied and happy customers. One can hire professional house cleaning services in Los Angeles from us, Cleaner Vibe, and then one can compare the work and can rate us in Los Angeles. We fulfill the hygienic needs of our customers and do a deep cleaning at the best available rates in Los Angeles. The house cleaning services include the following list.


Our Services

A range of services for your house cleaning needs
House Cleaning

House Cleaning

We can take care of all of your weekly, Biweekly and monthly house cleaning
House Cleaning

Deep Cleaning

Need help getting ontop of the cleaning? Our deep cleaning teams are here to help
House Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

All of our cleaning technicians use professionally graded carpet cleaning machines
House Cleaning

Move out cleaning

Moving home? Our professional cleaners can help bring your home back to life!
House Cleaning

Maid service

Ironing? Laundry? We offer a tailored service to fit all of your home services needs
Cleaner Vibe

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Professional House Cleaning Service Near Me

We have a team of well-trained and experienced professionals who can offer the best house-cleaning services in Los Angeles. They efficiently provide cleaning help to various sets of clients. Our professionals are highly determined to give their best effort in a single shot such that our clients are happy with the final results that we give.

Our team of professionals can efficiently complete the set of assigned tasks within the mentioned period and we highly believe in punctuality. The professionals help to remove all the microorganisms and aim at giving the house a perfect touch-up and a hygienic and comfortable place to live in.

Cleaner Vibe aim at providing services at a reasonable and affordable price and we believe in giving exceptional performances and services at a reasonable rate so that we can develop a set of satisfied clients or customers.

We also offer services that are customized upon the request of our clients and this eventually helps them by saving them from different types of potential health hazards. We cover everything from minor to major with our cleaning services. Here you can read what doеs a typical housе clеaning sеrvicе includе. We provides best cleaning services at affordable prices.


  • Floor Scrubbing
  • The dry dusting of walls and ceiling
  • Window Cleaning
  • Grill Cleaning
  • Lighting Fixtures
  • Furniture dusting
  • Cupboard cleaning from outside


  • Shower Cleaning
  • Tap Cleaning
  • Window Cleaning.
  • Cleaning of exhaust fan
  • Floors and Tiles Scrubbing
  • Cobwebs Removal
  • Mirror and Glass Cleaning
  • Wash Basin Cleaning


  • The dry dusting of walls and ceiling
  • Cleaning of Windows and Exhaust fan
  • Wiping of appliances from outside
  • Cabinets Cleaning from outside
  • Kitchen Platform Cleaning
  • Floor scrubbing
  • Cobwebs removal

Other Living Areas

  • Sofa and Curtain Vacuuming
  • Floor scrubbing
  • Cleaning of Windows and Grills
  • Cleaning of Lighting Fixtures
  • Furniture Dusting
  • Balcony Cleaning
  • Cupboard Cleaning from outside

Professional Move Out Cleaning Services in Los Angeles, CA

Cleaner Vibe customizes the move-out cleaning service to meet the cleaning needs of the customers and to suit a highly moving schedule. If there is any room that one would like to skip or a service that is not needed, one can simply let us know. We shall make customization in services and can clean the rest of the space with a keen eye for detail. We can also give you a clean, fresh start in your home with a move-in cleaning. The list of our standard move-out cleaning services includes:

  • Vacuuming and sweeping all floors
  • Wiping down baseboards
  • Wiping cabinets and drawers inside and out
  • Scrubbing the shower and bathtub
  • Scrubbing toilets
  • Cleaning sinks and countertops
  • Cleaning kitchen appliances
  • Remove Cobwebs With a Vacuum

Why hire a professional move-in/move-out cleaning service? Cleaning is frequently the last thing on your mind during the flurry of packing and logistics that accompany a move, which can be both thrilling and frustrating. Cleaner Vibe can help you with that by providing professional move-in/move-out cleaning services. Find out why selecting Cleaner Vibe is the best option for a smooth transition.

No matter how organized you are, it can be a huge relief to have the professionals of Cleaner Vibe remove the cobwebs along with the vacuum cleaning services on board to help you out with your move. Our expert move-out cleaning professionals, provide reliable and versatile services to clean up spaces whether they are large or small. You can simply book our services.

Clean Interior Window Sills And Door Frames

While cleaning the windows, one should make sure that the window sills and frames are cleaned properly. Over time, the tracks that the window slides along can become encrusted with dust, pollen, and other debris, and can potentially make the windows open and close less smoothly. Cleaner Vibe offers services that will make your windows shine as new.

Wash All Floors

No matter how organized one is, it can be a huge relief having Cleaner Vibe’ cleaning services on board to help one with our move of expert professionals for a move-out cleaning, providing reliable and versatile services that will help one to clean up all types of spaces whether large or small.

Clean Baseboards

Cleaner Vibe offers the best cleaning services for the cleaning of the baseboards and this goes a long way toward making a room look tidy, hygienic, and dust-free.

Clean Light Fixtures

Light fixtures can be a dusty, grimy, buggy mess and it is a great deal if one can carefully take down the fixture cover and slide it into a sink full of soapy water. Try our services and you can make your rooms shine with the services that we offer.

Thoroughly Clean All Bathrooms

Thoroughly cleaning all the bathrooms can remove all of the products from the shower and bathtub and tossing all used towels and rugs outside the room is again a time-consuming task in daily life. You can try Cleaner Vibe and wait for the results.

Clean Windows Inside And Window Sills

Working from the top down till the windows, cleaning the upper glass first, then the lower glass is a thing that requires the presence of mind and one can get these services just by contacting us. You would want to wash your window ledge but if you don’t get enough time, you can take the help of the professionals of Cleaner Vibe.

Deep Cleaning Services in Los Angeles, CA

Cleaner Vibe also offers deep cleaning services and this list of services is mentioned below.


  • Mattress Dusting
  • Vacuuming Furniture
  • Dusting and Vacuuming
  • Cupboard
  • Vacuuming and Cleaning Windows and Grills
  • Cleaning Fan
  • Cleaning Floor
  • The dry dusting of Walls and ceiling
  • Cleaning of Electrical fixtures
  • Cobwebs Removal


  • Kitchen Platform Cleaning
  • Clear-out Sink
  • Cleaning Window and Exhaust Fan
  • Dusting, Cleaning, and Wiping of Appliances from outside
  • Floor Cleaning
  • Cobwebs Removal


  • Shower and Taps Cleaning
  • Windows and Exhaust Fan Cleaning
  • Dusting and Cleaning Floor and Wall Tile
  • Scrubbing Shelves and Cabinets
  • Mirror and Glass Cleaning
  • Wash basin Cleaning
  • Cobwebs Removal

Other Living Areas

  • Furniture Dusting
  • Vacuuming by Machine
  • Window, Blinds, and Door Curtains Dusting
  • Floor Cleaning
  • Ceiling Fan Dusting
  • Door and Window Cleaning
  • Electrical Fixture and Outer body of Electronics Cleaning
  • Cobwebs Removal

Empty house/New House

  • Mopping, Dusting, and Sweeping Floor
  • Cleaning Cabinets and Shelves
  • Cleaning Ceiling Fan
  • Cleaning Cobwebs
  • Removal of Sink and Tank Cleaning

Best Carpet Cleaning Services in Los Angeles, CA

Everyone dreams of having a clear and clean home with every object cleaned to the tip, but there are certainly a lot of difficulties that are associated with it. Firstly, it becomes really difficult to take care of home cleanliness due to the daily hectic schedule.

In addition to this, everyone wants to be satisfied with their home so that they do not look hazy or dull. This is because a house that looks dull creates a negative impact on the mind. People might be able to manage dusting or cleaning, but they find it quite difficult to clean the carpets at the same time.

Cleaner Vibe is one of the best carpet cleaning services providers in Los Angeles, California that can aim for cleaning any carpet so that one might be having a hassle-free solution to the problem. The team of Cleaner Vibe uses the best possible cleaning equipment and eco-friendly products which ensures that one can get the result that one had always desired. The work process that is used by our team is quite safe, and our cleaners ensure that the carpets are cleaned thoroughly so that every inch of the carpet gets cleaned. Seeing the clean carpet, a smile will come to your face.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Services in Los Angeles, CA

Carpets exist in most residential and commercial spaces such as homes, independent houses, apartments, multi-storeyed buildings, offices, shopping malls, government buildings, and so on. People have become more conscious of interior decoration instead of the maintenance of objects. Carpet cleaning not only gives a tidy look to the home space but also keeps it clean thereby reducing the chances of allergies so that one can have good health. Professionals like us can do this task with the help of an expertized team along with the use of modern machines. People who are worried about cleaning their carpets can consult us and we will solve their problems. We, Cleaner Vibe, keep your carpets clean, dust-free, and stain-free with our good quality carpet cleaning services in Los Angeles.

The work process that we follow is safe, and our cleaners generally ensure that the carpets that are given are cleaned thoroughly with every inch of the carpet being clean as fresh and new. The clean carpet will bring a smile to your face and this will give you an enchanting atmosphere that you will want to cherish. Cleaner Vibe does the following procedures for carpet cleaning in Los Angeles that are listed below.


The professional team will visit your place and will visually inspect the carpet and then the team will identify the stains whether they are old or new and then they will provide you with the expected results after cleaning after understanding all your concerns which you have for the cleaning of the carpet.

Furniture Moving

Our professional will remove all the movable items from carpets like sofas, chairs, beds, tables, and so on.

Commercial Pre-vacuum

With the use of commercial power vacuuming, dry soil can be removed. Getting rid of dry soil and dirt is one of the most vital steps in carpet cleaning.


Our team of experts generally uses a pre-conditioning agent through which the soil and general spots present on the carpet get emulsified and break down. This will aid in a better cleaning process that will give a new look to your carpet.


In this process, our experts can pre-treat the difficult spots with spot removal solutions to remove the spots more easily. This will ensure that the carpet is cleaned properly without leaving any spots.


After the pre-spot, our team can use a groomer or a rotary brush to further loosen the soil or dirt present on the carpet. This is done to remove any small dirt or soil that is left on the carpet.

Soil Extraction and Rinse

Our professionals will rinse the carpet through a powerful extraction cleaning system without making the carpet wet or leaving a sticky residue behind.


Our team uses a technique through which the pH is balanced and through which no sticky residue is found on the carpet after cleaning. By doing this, the fabric of the carpet becomes more soft and fresh.

Post Spot

In case any spot is left behind, then, our professionals will use an extra treatment with some spotting solutions to get rid of the spots. They can also apply a carpet protector to give a longer life to your carpet.

Speed Dry

Our team generally uses high-velocity movers on the carpet after cleaning. With the help of these movers, the carpet dries faster and in no time, you will get a fresh and new-looking germ-free carpet.

Post-Cleaning Inspection

After completing the cleaning procedure, our professional team will take feedback on the process of carpet cleaning from the customer. This is done to improve our system if there are any faults detected by the customers. This will help to better our services.