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Cleaner Vibe is a leading cleaning company in Celina and the nearby areas, offering comprehensive checklists and boasting a team of trained professionals. Our services, which include standard and deep house cleaning as well as move-in/out cleaning, have been perfected to ensure the cleanliness and freshness of your home. You can also count on us for detailed commercial cleaning that will improve your office or other business premises.

Custom house cleaning for your peace of mind

Our clients can select one of our comprehensive checklists and add to it with special tasks to personalize their home or commercial cleaning service to their needs. Simply call (469) 815-7237 for straightforward booking and wait for our trained house cleaner to arrive at your doorstep. They’ll be equipped with reliable tools and efficient products, and ready to tackle all areas carefully and diligently.
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Thanks to our detailed work, your bedroom will be a true retreat fit for relaxation. We’ll change your bedding, mop the floors, dust the furniture, and more, making sure that the space is pleasant and fresh.


Bathrooms are breeding grounds for germs if not cared for properly and we can help keep yours fresh and sanitized. Our house cleaning services include toilet disinfection, shower and bathtub sanitization, tile and grout cleaning, and fixture polishing.

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No maid service in Celina is complete without taking great care of the kitchen. We’ll handle all surfaces, from countertops and tiles to appliances and sinks to make sure the space is safe and ready for meal preparation.

Living Room

Being the space you spend most of your time in, the living room requires thorough maintenance, including dusting, cobweb removal, window washing, and floor mopping. We’ll handle it all for you so you can enjoy excellent indoor air quality and a dust-free environment.

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Our cleaning services in Celina take many forms

Here at our cleaning company, we’ve provided a range of checklists and options to choose from.
House Cleaning

House Cleaning

Let us take care of your residence with a detailed approach.
House Cleaning

Deep Cleaning

Transform your home with our extra-thorough checklist.
House Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Your carpet will get a new lease on life thanks to our careful upkeep.
House Cleaning

Move out cleaning

Plan for your move without worrying about housework ‒ we’ll do it for you.
House Cleaning

Maid service

Our maid services fit your preferences and your schedule.
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Set yourself up for success with our reliable commercial cleaning

To attract and retain clients, you need a commercial space that’s pleasant, inviting, and hygienic. Our team is happy to help with our extensive checklist and effective methods for commercial cleaning. Whether you require recurring office cleaning or regular upkeep of another type of commercial space, simply call (469) 815-7237 to discuss the details with us. We’ll fine-tune your service based on your requests and send out an experienced professional to take care of everything.

What to expect from our cleaning services

There are many tasks our house and office cleaners excel at. We design our checklists for deep cleaning, move-in/out cleaning, office cleaning, and other services to cover all areas of your space.


  • Emptying trash cans.
  • Dusting furniture.
  • Cobweb removal.
  • Mirror cleaning.
  • Sanitizing door knobs and handles.
  • Changing the bedding.


  • Sanitizing cabinets and vanities.
  • Wiping down tiles.
  • Mopping floors.
  • Sanitizing the tub and shower.
  • Eliminating smudges on mirrors.
  • Emptying trash cans.
  • Window washing.


  • Wiping down cabinets.
  • Sanitizing the sink and fixtures.
  • Wiping down appliances.
  • Getting stains out of countertops and other surfaces.
  • Emptying trash cans.
  • Scrubbing floors.

Other Common Areas

  • Staircase and hallway maintenance. 
  • Taking care of appliance surfaces.
  • Book and magazine organization.
  • Making sure the cushions are neat.
  • Emptying trash cans.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a standard house cleaning checklist?

Standard house cleaning services encompass the typical house maintenance tasks, like:

  • Dusting
  • Eliminating cobwebs
  • Vacuuming
  • Mopping the floors
  • Making the beds
  • Sanitizing kitchen surfaces, like the sink, countertops, and cabinets
  • Sanitizing the bathroom, including the toilet, shower, and tiles
  • Taking out the trash, and more

For a full checklist, contact our cleaning company in Celina. We’ll let you know all the finer details and schedule your appointment quickly and effortlessly.

Why do you need move-in cleaning?

If you’re moving to a new home in Celina or elsewhere in the area, professional move-in cleaning will help you settle in more effortlessly. Since you’ve already got a lot on your plate while organizing a move, our house cleaners will take this responsibility off your shoulders. They’ll make sure that the space is ready for you to move in your belongings and start fresh.

Where to find a trained house & office cleaner in Celina, TX & the vicinity?

Aside from offering dependable maid services in Celina, our cleaning company does efficient house and office cleaning across Texas. For example, clients can book our expert cleaning in Coppell or rely on us for quality cleaning in Carrollton

Explore our range of services, from standard and deep to move-in/out and office cleaning that will put your mind at ease. While you’re out enjoying your free time at the Celina Public Library, you can be assured that we’ll deliver quality results and fall back on our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Book today!

How often do you need to deep clean your house?

Unlike standard maid services, which are usually booked on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, deep cleaning is usually done more rarely, such as a couple of times a year. Some people refer to it as spring or fall cleaning. However, it can easily be arranged for more often if you need a particularly thorough round of cleaning, like before the holidays or for another special occasion.

How long does office cleaning take?

The duration of office cleaning depends on things like its size and maintenance frequency. The bigger the space, the longer it’ll take to go over. Similarly, if it’s been a while since it was thoroughly maintained, our team will need more time to handle everything. It’s advisable to contact our cleaning company and tell us all the details so we can provide you with an estimate.