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Cleaner Vibe delivers reliable home and office cleaning services across Elkridge and beyond. Our experienced team can provide you with tailored solutions that meet your specific needs, be it move in/out cleaning, deep cleaning, house cleaning services in elkridgee , or commercial cleaning.

Book your desired service through our user-friendly online platform or give us a call and rest easy knowing that your home will be well-taken care of by our meticulous and dedicated team of professionals.

Making sure your home or premises are always tidy and hygienic requires significant time and effort. With our tailored office and house cleaning services in elkridgee, you can enjoy your leisure time again while our meticulous technicians take care of your space. Reach out to us and schedule your visit today.

Your dedicated office & house cleaners in Elkridge

Whether you need meticulous move-in/out cleaning, personalized deep cleaning service, recurring commercial cleanings for your business facility, or regular home/house cleaning services in elkridgee, we have the skills and expertise to provide you with custom solutions that are in line with your needs. Request your free estimate, pick the time that best works for you, and let us take care of the rest. Our comprehensive offer includes:

Bedroom Cleaning Service


Our reliable maid service or house cleaning services in Elkridge will make sure your bedroom is always fresh, hygienic, and ready for you to relax after a long and busy day. We’ll thoroughly disinfect surfaces, eliminate allergens and dust, and neatly organize the area. If you want, we can also wash the linens and make your bed. It is our priority to provide you with a fresh and hygienic environment where you can rest and get ready for a new day.


Our diligent office and house cleaners will make sure your bathrooms and restrooms are always tidy and hygienic. We’ll meticulously sanitize all the surfaces, take care of the tiles and floor, clean windows and window panes, disinfect taps, scrub the shower, and tackle the shower curtain, making sure you’re left with a fully hygienic space. We’ll keep it fresh and tidy for your comfort and safety.

Bathroom Cleaning Service
Kitchen Cleaning Service


Keeping your kitchen fresh and disinfected on a daily basis is essential to secure a safe environment for meal preparation and enjoyable moments with your loved ones. You can fully rely on our home cleaning services in Elkridge to take care of it with utmost care and precision, leaving no stone unturned. We can make your cooking area spotless and ready for you and your family to enjoy quality time together.

Living Room

We’ll make sure every nook and cranny of your living room is carefully taken care of. As a place where you and your loved ones tend to spend most of the time together, it’s essential to have it cozy and inviting. We’ll send our best cleaners near you to dust and tidy up all the surfaces, furniture, and decor with utmost care and precision, not missing a single spot. Enjoy your leisure time and forget about the chores.

Living Room Cleaning Service

What’s included in our extensive offer

The wide range of commercial and home cleaning services in elkridgeewe provide includes:

House Cleaning

House Cleaning

Opt for weekly, biweekly, or monthly visits, we’ll adhere to your schedule.

House Cleaning

Deep Cleaning

Your home’s in need of thorough disinfection? Lean on our meticulous deep cleaning service!

House Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

With advanced machines and equipment, we’ll have your carpets looking as good as new.

House Cleaning

Move out cleaning

Our reliable cleaners take a detail-oriented approach to leave your old home spotless!

House Cleaning

Maid service

Tired of doing laundry and ironing? Our customized service can meet all your needs.

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No Advance payment

No hidden charges

First-class home & office cleaning services in Elkridge

You can get in touch with our cleaning company at any time through our web platform or by dialing our phone number to secure your slot for a high-quality treatment your home deserves. We can’t wait to hear your needs and diligently work to cater to them. With every appointment, you’re in for a streamlined experience that focuses on your satisfaction and convenience. In addition, we’ve prepared some special benefits and discounts for our regular clients. Our friendly crew can give you more details about it.

Our house cleaning service leaves nothing to chance

You can reach out to our Elkridge crew on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly schedule, selecting any plan that fits your requirements. Contact us to get your free quote and choose one of our numerous office and home cleaning services designed to exceed your expectations. Here’s what you’re in for:


  • Organizing, disinfecting, and tidying furniture and other objects.
  • Laundering the sheets and making the bed.
  • Taking out the trash and airing the room.
  • Removing cobwebs, dirt, and dust. 
  • Wiping down the mirror.
  • Disinfecting light switches and door knobs.


  • Disinfecting tiles and floor.
  • Sanitizing all the surfaces.
  • Washing windows and windowsills.
  • Wiping down the cabinets.
  • Scrubbing and disinfecting shower, tub, washer, and dryer.
  • Removing waste and decluttering.


  • Disinfecting faucets and the sink.
  • Wiping down all appliances and surfaces.
  • Taking care of furniture and utensils.
  • Wiping chairs, tables, and other equipment.
  • Disinfecting the cabinets.
  • Removing trash.
  • Sweeping and mopping the floor.

Other Common Areas

  • Taking care of equipment and appliances if required.
  • Dusting stairs and hallways.
  • Sorting magazines, papers, and books.
  • Freshening up sofa or couch cushions.
  • Arranging the furniture and other items.
  • Removing trash.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find a house cleaner in my area?

You can start by asking your family, friends, and neighbors for recommendations. Check online platforms such as Google or Yelp for reviews of local house cleaning services near you in Elkridge. In addition, sources such as social media groups, community bulletin boards, and classified ads can be helpful. Make sure you interview your potential providers, request references, and ask about their offers and pricing before making your decision.

What is an example of a commercial cleaning service?

It refers to a professional cleaning company in Elkridge that specializes in maintaining the hygiene of commercial spaces. They typically provide tailored solutions for different types of businesses and include tasks such as dusting, sanitizing, vacuuming, and trash removal.

What are the benefits of deep cleaning your house?

It offers versatile benefits, including reduced allergens, improved indoor air quality, and a generally healthier living environment. Reliable deep cleaning services in Elkridge help eliminate hidden bacteria, dust, and mold, reducing the risk of allergies and respiratory issues. It can also extend the lifespan of your furniture and appliances and leave your home looking and smelling fresh.

Should you clean before moving in or after?

It is highly recommended to schedule your move-in cleaning before bringing in and unpacking your possessions. This way, you’ll start with a fresh and sanitized environment, making the transition smoother. In addition, it also allows you to address any issues left by the previous occupants, preventing any major problems down the line.

Who provides quality house & office cleaning services near me in Elkridge, MD & the area?

Cleaner Vibe is the leading cleaning company delivering top-notch services across Maryland. Whether you need us around the Rockburn Branch Park or near the Belmont Estate, you can count on our professional assistance. We’re available across the region, so you can reach out to us for detailed house cleaning in Baltimore or reliable office cleaning services in Ellicott City. Get in touch with us today and enjoy the perks of working with a dedicated team!