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Booking a reputable cleaning service in Ellicott City doesn’t have to be a hassle. At Cleaner Vibe, we pride ourselves on delivering top-tier solutions tailored to each client’s specific needs. Whether you need standard, deep, move-in, move-out, or even office or commercial cleaning services, ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction remains our #1 priority.

We are a minority-owned business with an ambition of providing high-quality, all-encompassing office and house cleaning services in Ellicott City and the area. Each member of our team was rigorously vetted and background checked prior to joining us, but they are also trained professionals with a genuine passion for their craft. Hence, you can expect our crew to always be well-equipped, professionally attired, and well-mannered.

Reliability is invaluable, especially when it concerns one’s home. We deeply cherish the trust our clients place in us, ensuring an open line of communication, unwavering attention to detail, and an enduring commitment to our customers’ satisfaction. Moreover, we strive to deliver high-quality home cleaning services without compromising affordability, offering tailored solutions to meet all your needs.

Professional cleaners dedicated to you

For people in Ellicott City, finding the right house cleaners can be stressful and time-consuming. This is why we’ve streamlined the process and made sure booking our professionals is a breeze. Once you experience the luxury of our efficient service, turning elsewhere will be the last thing on your mind.

Recognizing the uniqueness of every property, we understand the importance of abiding by our clients’ instructions. Our cleaning services are meticulously tailored to match your vision. In fact, we encourage our clients to be detailed, ensuring their wishes form the blueprint of our service.

Deploying specialized, premium tools, our house and office cleaners in Ellicott City approach each task with skill and professionalism. During each appointment, they try to resonate with your space, giving attention where it’s needed to ensure the best results.

Here’s a breakdown of our approach to house cleaning:

Bedroom Cleaning Service


Personal areas and sanctuaries that they are, bedrooms deserve the utmost care. With the help of our detail-oriented team of house cleaners, your bedroom will become a haven of tranquility, free of all dirt, dust, and allergens. Our home cleaning service covers all the fine details, from dusting picture frames to vacuuming and mopping the floors to ensure this. Special attention is given to the bed, making it ready for your rest. Leave it to us to create a cozy environment that invites relaxation.


These intimate spaces are the heart of hygiene. With our help, you can have a bathroom that’s not only visibly spotless but also sanitized to perfection. Our expert house cleaners will make sure to address every detail, giving the faucets their shine and ensuring that the tiles sparkle. Sinks, tubs, showers, and toilets receive our specialized care, ensuring they’re germ-free and gleaming. Count on Ellicott City’s trusted house cleaning service to transform your bathroom into a pristine haven.

Bathroom Cleaning Service
Kitchen Cleaning Service


The heart of the home is where both meals and memories are made, and we can ensure this space shines in all its glory. Through meticulous sanitization and scrubbing of all surfaces, our experts pave the way for your culinary adventures. With a thorough focus on the outside and inside of appliances, we rid them of stuck-on dirt and spatters. Beyond being simply dirt-free, you can count on our house cleaning service to transform your kitchen into a bright, sparkling symbol of neatness and hygiene.

Living Room

All common areas of a residence deserve a pristine touch, and the living room, a space for family time and gatherings, is no exception. Through comprehensive treatment, our house cleaners ensure your living room is spotless, fresh, and inviting. From the dusting of vent covers and lampshades to the meticulous cleaning of floors and window sills, every corner receives our focus. Trust in our cleaning service in Ellicott City to make your living room ready for every cherished moment.

Living Room Cleaning Service

Our selection of home cleaning services in Ellicott City

Explore our wide offer and choose the option that best suits your needs:
House Cleaning

House Cleaning

Choose our experts, and relish in the tidiness and comfort of your revitalized space.
House Cleaning

Deep Cleaning

From visible surfaces to hidden crevices, our deep cleaning service leaves no stone unturned.
House Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Breathe new life into your floor coverings with our thorough approach and specialized equipment.
House Cleaning

Move out cleaning

We skillfully prepare residences for warm welcomes or fond farewells.
House Cleaning

Maid service

Count on our Ellicott City maids for help with all daily chores and simplify your everyday life.
Cleaner Vibe

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Our experts are always ready to help you with house cleaning

If you’re in Ellicott City and interested in booking our customized cleaning services, reserving a slot is quick and straightforward. Simply give us a call or fill out our online form, and you’re all set! Once scheduled, you can count on the best cleaners near you to arrive on time and meticulously rejuvenate every corner of your space, embodying professionalism, care, and attention to detail.

We’ll keep our lines of communication open to allow for easy rescheduling, promptly address any queries, and be there to hear any feedback you may have. Let’s connect and create the perfect plan for your space!

Detailed house cleaning service in Ellicott City

We ensure that each of our customers enjoys an experience that leaves them completely satisfied. Our cleaning services are highly personalized, and we take great pride in our dedication to customer care. You know your home best, and everyone has their preferences when it comes to how they want their residences to look. We are here to listen, offer advice if needed, and provide a range of options to cater to every space, need, and budget.

While we customize our approach for each residence, we do have a foundational checklist. Here’s a glimpse of its contents:


  • Washing the sheets and making the bed
  • Cleaning the furnishings and accessories
  • Polishing picture frames, lamps, window seals, door frames, and more
  • Sanitizing the switches and other surfaces
  • Dusting and wiping the baseboards
  • Professional carpet cleaning with hot water extraction and other methods
  • Wiping or cleaning the sofa and other seats, chairs, and tables


  • Scrubbing the shower, shower curtains, and sink 
  • Cleaning the bathtub, glass doors, and surrounding walls
  • Scrubbing and disinfecting the outside and inside of the toilet
  • Wiping the mirrors
  • Washing the towels
  • Disinfecting the doors, door frames, and knobs


  • Sanitizing each kitchen appliance and all of the surfaces
  • Tackling the inside and outside of the refrigerator and oven
  • Cleaning the inside and outside edges of toasters, dishwashers, and other appliances
  • Wiping and scrubbing the stove
  • Microwave maintenance, inside and outside
  • Vacuuming and mopping the floor
  • Emptying garbage bins
  • Wiping the kitchen cabinets
  • Washing the dishes if there are any and you want us to, and sanitizing the sink area

Other Common Areas

  • Properly cleaning every surface
  • Meticulously disinfecting all high-touch surfaces
  • Dusting and wiping all the shelves and counters
  • Thoroughly cleaning window tracks and windowsills

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is house cleaning important?
House cleaning is about more than just the looks, it’s about both physical and mental health. Regular home maintenance ensures that your living environment is safe and free of harmful microorganisms, and a tidy, dirt-free environment promotes mental clarity and productivity, thereby positively impacting mental well-being.

If you’re struggling to find the time to devote to the upkeep of your residence, you may want to consider outsourcing the task to our professional house cleaning service in Ellicott City. Count on our team to make your space spotless and ensure it stays that way over time.

What is the difference between basic cleaning and deep cleaning?
Basic maid services in Ellicott City are designed to maintain day-to-day tidiness. This usually includes tasks such as dusting, mopping, and tidying. In contrast, deep cleaning dives deeper, targeting hidden grime and entrenched pollutants. It delves into overlooked areas like under furniture, inside appliances, and grout lines, ensuring comprehensive treatment and paving the way for a truly pristine space.
How clean should my house be when I move out?
When vacating a residence, it’s important to leave it in a pristine state, benefiting both you and the next occupant. When done properly, a move-out cleaning service includes not just surface upkeep but also addressing areas often overlooked, such as inside cupboards, beneath appliances, and window sills. Such meticulousness helps with seamless transition, and can potentially ensure you get your security deposit back.

However, we understand that this chore can be a challenge amid all the tasks of relocating, which is why we offer our move-out cleaning services in Ellicott City. Reach out to us, and witness our team in action, making your old residence completely spotless.

What is included in office cleaning?
Office cleaning encompasses a broad spectrum: from daily tasks like emptying bins and wiping desks to periodic deep cleaning. Special emphasis is on maintaining hygiene in high-traffic areas like restrooms and pantries. The goal is for the shared spaces to remain spotless, providing an environment that fosters productivity.
What is the #1 house & office cleaning service near me in Ellicott City, MD & the area?

At Cleaner Vibe, we provide dependable home cleaning and maid services in Maryland, elevating homes with our skilled touch. Armed with cutting-edge tools and expertise, our team consistently showcases a steadfast dedication to both the cleanliness of your home and your satisfaction.

Regardless of whether you’re nestled near Centennial Park, by the Shrine of St. Anthony, or anywhere else in Ellicott City, our extensive service range has you covered. Additionally, you can count on our comprehensive cleaning services in Laurel, our skilled house cleaning crew in Hyattsville, and more. Schedule your service today and experience a solution meticulously crafted to your needs!