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The mid-west side is famous for wind, our capital Chicago is even dubbed “The Windy City.” It is an appealing weather element for the most part, but too much of anything can be chaotic. Dust is a common problem in Illinois, and it accumulates even in vacant houses faster than anywhere else in the fifty states. Consequently, recurrent cleans are an essential service to residents in the sate of Illinois, and where else could they get a reliable, satisfactory professional cleaning service if not Cleaner Vibe?

There are many perks that come with booking a clean from Cleaner Vibe, and if you are looking to do house cleaning services in Illinois, the cleaning package most suitable for recurrent cleans is one of the most compelling reasons.

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House Cleaning

We can take care of all of your weekly, Biweekly and monthly house cleaning

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Need help getting ontop of the cleaning? Our deep cleaning teams are here to help

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All of our cleaning technicians use professionally graded carpet cleaning machines

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Moving home? Our professional cleaners can help bring your home back to life!

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Standard Cleaning SERVICES in Illinois


If you are looking for a house cleaning service in Illinois then choose us. Cleaner Vibe’s standard cleaning combines quality and affordability. It is the best package to book for recurring cleans as far as cleaning services are concerned. Budget cleans from most professional cleaning companies do the bare minimum; the areas they cover for such options are usually limited such that one would argue that it is less trouble cleaning the house yourself. Cleaner Vibe’s standard cleaning in contrast comes with an exhaustive checklist.

The services and areas covered in Cleaner Vibe’s standard cleaning include sweeping, mopping, cleaning toilets, vacuuming carpets, rugs, light dusting, cleaning mirrors, the bathroom, showers, taking out the trash, stove top cleaning, emptying/ cleaning trashcans, wiping counter tops, wiping handles, light switches, dusting windowsills, ledges, de-clutter, wiping outside the fridge, wiping outside appliances, plus cleaning the microwave inside and out.

Cleaner Vibe’s standard cleaning is sure to leave your house spotless and is a great way to maintain that state if you book it weekly or biweekly. Another upside of booking recurring cleans with Cleaner Vibe is that there are no binding contracts. We are confident that you will be impressed enough to keep the cleans coming.

PROFESSIONAL Deep Cleaning SERVICEs in Illinois


This clean comes highly recommended if you are booking with Cleaner Vibe for the first time or your house needs an intensive clean. Cleaner Vibe’s deep cleaning takes it a step further than the standard clean, most customers who book it say their homes are almost unrecognizable after the clean. The deep cleaning package covers all the areas that the standard clean does with more intensity, and it also adds more to the checklist.

In addition to the areas and services mentioned before, Cleaner Vibe’s standard cleaning also includes cleaning interior windows, wiping baseboards, cleaning blinds, sills, giving extra attention to the bathroom and kitchen appliances. You can also book it as a recurring clean if your house is prone to get very dirty which is usually the case with people who have kindergartens in their homes or regularly host parties.

It is also the best same day cleaning service to book when you have family coming over and you would like to impress them. Realtors with a house showing can use it as a hack to impress potential tenants. You can choose any of service in deep cleaning or regular service. Here are the difference B/w deep cleaning & regular house cleaning service.

Move In / Move Out Cleaning Services in Illinois

This option is the reason why Cleaner Vibe is the go-to for property managers across the state of Illinois. It has the most exhaustive checklist of all the options. Some have called it a deep clean with extra steps. Cleaner Vibe’s move in/ move out cleaning saves you from the usual stress associated with moving in or moving out of a house or apartment.

All you will have to do is pack or unpack, and Cleaner Vibe will do the rest outstandingly. This cleaning package covers everything that comes in the standard clean and the deep clean and adds the core areas that are usually crucial when moving in and moving out. Cleaner Vibe’s deep cleaning package adds the cleaning of inside the cabinets, cleaning inside the fridge, and cleaning inside the oven. Add these crucial areas to the complete checklist and you are guaranteed a stress-free move. You should hire professional cleaning service here are the reasons why hire a professional Move-In/Move-Out cleaning service.

Custom Cleans

Cleaner Vibe’s affordable cleaning packages are not rigid as is the case with most cleaning companies. You are at liberty to customize your clean upon booking. There are options to add laundry, make your bed, pack clothes, and many more. Cleaner Vibe has a dedicated and reliable customer service team that is always ready to take your calls and assist you with anything you need. They can also add notes for the cleaners to your booking in case you have any special requests.

Professional Cleaners in Illinois

At Cleaner Vibe, our cleaners are our pride and joy, they are the best in Illinois, We proovide best house cleaning services in Illinois. Our vetting process is thorough, with vigorous background checks to ensure that our teams are trustworthy. We also scout for detail-oriented cleaners that can uphold our high standards and leave customers satisfied. If you are not pleased with the clean, or the cleaners miss some spots, we have a 24- hour satisfaction guarantee, which means that the cleaner will come back and reclean your house at no cost. However, this rarely happens because we try our best to be thorough with every clean, and our overwhelmingly positive reviews on Google and Thumbtack are a testament to that.

Quality Cleans for Affordable Prices

The exhaustive checklists, customer service and professional cleaners all sound very expensive. The biggest perk you get when you book a clean from Cleaner Vibe is that you get all that quality for reasonable prices. Even the additions or custom requests you add to your packages are reasonably priced. Cleaner Vibe gives you a lot more than the perks you get for hiring a big cleaning company, while retaining the flexibility and affordability of a small-scale independent cleaner. Booking cleans with us will safeguard your house from the troublesome, dusty winds of Illinois.