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At Cleaner Vibe, we’re strongly committed to providing our clients across Laurel and the area with high-quality home and office cleaning services. Our crew of skilled and reliable technicians goes above and beyond to deliver tailored solutions, including deep cleaning, move in/out cleaning, commercial cleaning, and house cleaning services.

Schedule your session by reaching us by phone or by completing a short online form in a matter of seconds. We’ll take over from there, making sure you receive the treatment that caters to your unique needs.

Our diligent house cleaners are fully equipped to provide you with exceptional results. We’ve made sure to select experienced and trustworthy professionals who have gone through our rigorous vetting process.

Selecting a reputable cleaning company that’s capable of meeting your needs is not a simple process, but with our team at hand, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll receive a service that closely follows your preferences, all that at a reasonable and transparent price. Contact us to get a quote and book your slot.

Your trusted office & house cleaners in Laurel

If you’re looking for detail-oriented deep cleaning service, reliable move-in/out cleaning, regular house cleanings, or comprehensive commercial cleanings, rest assured we’ve got you covered. Our experienced professionals have the necessary skills and knowledge to deliver personalized solutions that closely follow your specific needs. Contact us for a free estimate, choose the time that fits you, and enjoy all the benefits of our meticulous performance.

Here’s what our home cleaning services include:

Bedroom Cleaning Service


With our dedicated house cleaners in Laurel, your bedroom will always be a tidy, warm, and inviting place for you to regain your energy for the day ahead. We’ll apply efficient methods to eliminate dirt and dust and reduce allergens to a minimum. If you desire, we’ll gladly launder the sheets and leave your bed freshly made. We’ll ensure your space is meticulously disinfected for your utmost comfort.


As the best cleaners near you, we can take excellent care of your restrooms and bathrooms, making sure they are thoroughly disinfected. We’ll tackle every nook and cranny, including windows, floors, tiles, showers, taps, and other surfaces, by giving them proper scrubbing and applying adequate products. We’ll leave everything smelling fresh and looking tidy, prioritizing your safety all the way through.

Bathroom Cleaning Service
Kitchen Cleaning Service


Trust our meticulous home cleaning services in Laurel to keep your cooking areas fresh and hygienic, making sure you’re left with sanitized surfaces to prepare your food and a warm  environment to spend good time with your loved ones. Our meticulous crew with a keen eye for detail will tackle every nook and cranny by using effective tools and supplies to ensure your complete happiness.

Living Room

We’ll thoroughly dust and disinfect your decor, furniture, and all the other surfaces around your living room to make sure you have a comfortable place to kick back in after a busy day or engage in fun activities with your family. You can rest easy knowing that the best cleaners near you are ready to go the extra mile to have your place fresh and tidy, just the way you want it to be.

Living Room Cleaning Service

What you can find in our extensive offer

The comprehensive offer of our reliable commercial and home cleaning services in Laurel includes:

House Cleaning

House Cleaning

Want to have your place thoroughly tidied up on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis? We can do all that and more!

House Cleaning

Deep Cleaning

Trust our professional deep cleaning service to take thorough care of your home!

House Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Your carpeting will always be fresh and hygienic with our cutting-edge equipment.

House Cleaning

Move out cleaning

Our crew will employ proven methods to help you ensure your big moving day is as hassle-free as possible!

House Cleaning

Maid service

Our tailored approach caters to all your needs, including laundering and ironing.

Cleaner Vibe

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Laurel’s leading home & office cleaning service

Reach out to our dedicated cleaning company by using our simple online form or by giving us a quick call to schedule your appointment. Our professional crew is eager to provide you with a tailored treatment that caters to your specific preferences and requirements. They’re highly skilled and trained to provide you with a smooth experience, ensuring your complete satisfaction. Contact us today to learn more about the special discounts and benefits we’ve set up for our regular customers.

Our house cleaning service has got you covered

Our professionals in Laurel are here to meet your weekly, biweekly, or monthly needs. Get in touch with us to receive a free estimate and opt for one of our office and home cleaning services that can give you peace of mind. You can expect:


  • Removing dirt, dust, and cobwebs. 
  • Organizing and sanitizing furniture and other objects.
  • Wiping down the mirrors. 
  • Making the bed and laundering the sheets.
  • Removing trash.
  • Airing the room.
  • Sanitizing door knobs and light switches.


  • Disinfecting all the surfaces.
  • Scrubbing tiles and floor.
  • Disinfecting the cabinets.
  • Washing windows and windowsills.
  • Scrubbing and sanitizing tub, shower, dryer, and washer.
  • Removing trash and decluttering.


  • Wiping down all surfaces and appliances.
  • Sanitizing faucets and the sink.
  • Wiping down tables, chairs, and other equipment.
  • Taking care of utensils and furniture.
  • Sanitizing the cabinets.
  • Taking out trash.
  • Sweeping and mopping the floor.

Other Common Areas

  • Dusting hallways and stairs.
  • Taking care of appliances and equipment upon request.
  • Sorting books, magazines, and papers.
  • Freshening up cushions on sofas or couches.
  • Arranging the furniture and other items.
  • Taking out trash.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often do most people get their house cleaned?

It largely depends on individual preferences, lifestyles, as well as household size. On average, people typically opt for weekly or bi-weekly house cleaning to maintain a tidy and hygienic space. Feel free to contact our experts in Laurel for professional advice based on your specific preferences.

How long does it take one person to deep clean a house?

It depends on several factors such as the size of the house, its current condition, and the level of detail involved. On average, a deep cleaning can take anywhere from 4 to 8 hours for an average sized home, while larger or more cluttered houses can require more time. Our dedicated team in Laurel will be happy to help you tackle this comprehensive venture.

How much does move out cleaning cost?

The cost can depend on various factors such as the size of the house and its current level of cleanliness. Reach out to our reliable move-out cleaning services to get a free and precise estimate.

What is daily office cleaning?

It refers to the routine tasks performed every day to maintain a hygienic working environment. It typically includes wiping down desks, dusting surfaces, disinfecting common areas, vacuuming and mopping floors, emptying trash bins, and sanitizing restrooms. Regular office cleaning helps reduce the spread of germs and ensures a presentable space for both your employees and visitors.

Do I need to book an appointment in advance?

It is advisable to book in advance, but in case of last-minute requests, we try to accommodate them as well.

Where can I find top-notch commercial & house cleaning services near me in Laurel, MD & its surroundings?

Cleaner Vibe is your go-to team whenever you need comprehensive cleaning services in Maryland. Whether you live near the Venus Theatre or close to the Laurel High School, our professional house cleaners can cater to your needs. With our meticulous crew available throughout the region, you can rely on us for detailed house cleaning in Elkridge or expert office cleaning in Baltimore. Reach out to us today!