The District of Columbia is one of the many places where Cleaner Vibe’s services are available. Like in many other states, our company easily stands out as the ultimate cleaning service provider. Ideally, hiring one is supposed to be a stress-free alternative to doing it yourself. It is even more labor intensive when you are planning for a big occasion or moving in, or out. In such instances, a professional service becomes a necessity. A lot of cleaning companies and small-scale freelance cleaners forget the ethos of convenience that inspired the existence of this service in the first place. Cleaner Vibe is way ahead of this existentialism; convenience and satisfaction are at the heart of our company. There are plenty of reasons why we’re the team that can save you the stress and trouble of doing it yourself.

Why Choose Us

We’re your go to solution for high-quality house cleaning services in Washington, D.C. With quick booking of up to just 60 seconds, we’ll help you get the best results. We are a minority owned business whose main goal is to ensure the utmost satisfaction of our customers.

Our top notch house cleaning services can be booked online and we aim to fulfill all your requirements. Making sure our customers are satisfied is our main goal. We are known for being highly convenient and very trustworthy.

Every professional that we have employed has been trained and is an experienced expert. Making sure that we maintain every customer’s safety and trust is our priority and this is why every member of our staff has been approved and reviewed.

Finding a cleaning service that is best suited to your needs can be difficult. Luckily, with our team, all your needs will easily be taken care of. We provide the most affordable rates in Washington, D.C. Contact us for more information or to book our fast, reliable services.

What We Do

Our professional cleaning services can easily help you save time and efficiently make your home spick and span. We’ll provide you with the best results, leaving you fully content. All you need to do is request a quote, book your slot and sit back as we take care of everything for you. There’s nothing more relaxing than coming back to a clean home after a long day.

Our basic services include:


We’ll take special care of these spaces by tidying them up, dusting surfaces, sweeping floors, making beds, and putting on fresh sheets. Your resting haven will look as good as new, ready for you to wind down after a long day.


The bathroom should always be immaculately clean as germs and other harmful particles are present there. We’ll make sure we get rid of any unclean or unwanted substances and help your space shine by taking care of everything, from the toilet seat to the bathtub, overlooking absolutely nothing.


Your kitchen should always be clean with no exceptions as this is the area where you cook the food for your family. We’ll take care of all the surfaces, including your cabinets, floor, table top, sink and more until they shine. Sparkling counters, cabinets and kitchen appliances are what we will provide for you. We will clean your kitchen appliances as well to ensure that your kitchen looks magnificent by the time we’re done.

Living Room

The living room is the area that sees the highest levels of foot traffic. However, worry not since our meticulous technicians will make sure all your surfaces are disinfected. Your furniture will also be tidied up and managed accordingly.

Cleaning Service in Washington

Our Services

Our comprehensive offer includes a range of services.
House Cleaning

House Cleaning

We’ll meticulously disinfect your home, rendering it spotless.
House Cleaning

Deep Cleaning

By applying detail-oriented methods, we’ll make sure every corner is properly sanitized.
House Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

We’ll freshen up your carpets using professional equipment and high-quality products.
House Cleaning

Move out cleaning

We’ll make sure your old home sparkles as you take care of setting up the new one.
House Cleaning

Maid service

With our personalized maid services, you can relax and enjoy all the perks of it.
Cleaner Vibe


No upfront charges

Straightforward prices

Your trusted team of housekeeping professionals

We’re always ready to carefully listen to your needs and provide you with the highest-quality tailored solutions. Once you experience the perks of our professionalism, you’ll want us to come back every time you need to spruce up your home.

Easily get in touch with us by giving us a call or through our simple online form, let us know more about the service you need, pick the time that suits you best, and enjoy watching as our diligent crew works magic. Reach out to us for more details.

House Cleaning

You can easily avail our house cleaning services in Washington D.C. in a weekly, biweekly or monthly manner by choosing the most suitable option for you.


  • We will clean the surfaces in your room such as the windows and floor.
  • Your mirror will also be cleaned to shine and look spotless.
  • We will throw out the trash and dust the entire room.
  • Your bed will be tidied up and made with clean covers.
  • Any sort of debris, dust, and cobwebs will be removed.
  • Your room will be cleaned to provide a comfortable and serene environment.
  • After cleaning the bedroom’s furniture, we will arrange and organize everything there.
  • The doorknobs in your room are cleaned and sanitized.


  • Your bathroom will be scrubbed and disinfected.
  • We will tidy and clean the floor of the bathroom and the tiles.
  • The trash will be emptied.
  • Your shower door, washer as well as the dryer will be made clean and spotless.
  • The window, windowsill and cabinets in the bathrooms will be taken care of.
  • The surfaces in the bathroom will be polished to shine.


  • The kitchen sink will be sanitized and cleaned.
  • Kitchen appliances and surfaces will be cleaned.
  • We will clean your tables, chairs and appliances.
  • Your kitchenware and appliances will be managed and organized properly.
  • The entire area will be dusted and cleaned.
  • Your cabinets will be organized and handled.
  • The floor will be cleaned and the trash will be emptied.
  • Your wooden floor will be mopped.
  • The windowsills, countertops and windows will all be cleaned.

Other Living Areas

  • The corridors and staircase will be cleaned and dusted.
  • Trash and any kind of dirt will be removed and cleared out of the area.
  • Your furniture and additional items that may be lying around will be organized and sorted.
  • Your couch and the cushions will be straightened and fixed.
  • We will sort the magazines, newspapers, and books you may have around. 
  • Interior cleaning of appliances can be requested for.

Convenient Cleaning Packages

The checklist is one of the most important metrics for the confirmation of a cleaning service delivery. Most providers however have either very limited checklists if it is a budget package, or very expensive prices if it is an exhaustive checklist for a higher package. With Cleaner Vibe, convenience comes first.

Reliable Customer Support

In case that our checklists do not include some things you would like such as laundry, folding clothes, packing, or even making the bed, there are standardized reasonable prices that can be added on to your booking. We have a very sharp, warm, and friendly customer service team that is always ready to answer your call and assist you with anything you want in order to customize your booking. They also facilitate all the communication between yourself, the cleaners, and the company at large. So, you don’t have to worry about language barriers in instances where your cleaner is non-English speaking, and in cases where you have complaints or concerns, they will be sure to assist you.

Professional Cleaners

It goes without saying that Cleaner Vibe is home to the best cleaners in Washington DC. They are trained to be detail-oriented, and they are a representation of the company’s commitment to satisfaction. Our overwhelmingly positive reviews on Thumbtack and Google are mostly due to their excellence and satisfactory work. All our technicians are insured as well and thoroughly background-checked, so your house will be in safe hands even in your absence. In the off-chance that you are not pleased with the service and some spots or details were missed, we have a 24-hour Satisfaction Guarantee policy. This means we can get back to reclean these areas at no additional cost.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does standard house cleaning include?

This is our budget option, and it is very exhaustive. The pricing is relative to the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and common areas, but the rate is very favorable, complete with discounts for first time customers. The checklist for this option includes sweeping, mopping, cleaning toilets, vacuuming carpets, rugs, light dusting, cleaning mirrors, bathtub, and shower, taking out the trash, stove top cleaning, cleaning trash cans, wiping countertops, handles, and light switches, dusting window sills and ledges, quick declutter, wiping the outside of the fridge, the outside of kitchen appliances, cleaning sinks, and cleaning the microwave both inside, and out. Being the most basic cleaning package with such an exhaustive checklist, Cleaner Vibe’s Standard Cleaning is the most ideal for recurring cleans.

How much does a house cleaning service cost?

A big part of what makes Cleaner Vibe the most convenient cleaning service at your disposal is its affordable prices. A lot of large-scale, well-to-do cleaning companies could as well offer the same standards as we do, but their prices are usually way too steep, and their packages very rigid. Getting the quality that we set our cleaning services to with the prices we offer is the best deal on the market. Our service is conveniently thorough and conveniently priced, with conveniently exhaustive checklists that are flexible enough to be customized at standardized, reasonable prices. Make a booking today and enjoy a clean home, stress-free.

What does a deep house cleaning consist of?

The Deep Cleaning option from Cleaner Vibe strikes a balance between affordable pricing, and top of the range quality cleaning. It comes highly recommended if it is your first time making a booking with us. It is the ultimate package that will transform the standards in your house to those of Cleaner Vibe. This option adds a few items to the standard checklist that make all the difference from just a standard clean, to an outstandingly thorough one. For starters, extra attention is given to the bathroom and kitchen appliances.

In this option, interior windows and blinds are also included. The baseboards are also wiped and left sparkling. It is very detail-oriented and is ideal when you are having people over, hosting an event, or doing a thorough clean if your house is too dirty. You will be sure to impress your guests while ensuring that every detail of your home is aesthetically pleasing.

Our deep cleaning services in Washington, D.C. include regular dusting, cleaning, and sanitizing various appliances and furniture that could be present in your home. This can include baseboards, fans, computers, desks, cabinets, drawers, couches, counters, mirrors, floors, backsplashes, bookshelves, closets, sinks, bathroom appliances, kitchen utensils, blinds, window sills, and more. Your trash will be taken out, your wooden floors will be mopped and the interior of your household furniture and appliances will be cleaned.

Our team of professionals make sure that cobwebs and dirt are removed, carpets are vacuumed, picture frames, furniture and different areas of the house are dusted, and cushions and covers are straightened.

How do I get my carpet clean again?

We also offer comprehensive carpet cleaning services. In order to make sure that all the dirty particles are gone, we vacuum all the floors and carpets. Any dirty stains will be cleaned in order to make your carpet look as good as new. We employ professional tools and carpet cleaning machines to get the best results and make sure our experts do the most satisfying job.

Who delivers high-quality house cleaning services near me in Washington, D.C. & beyond?

Cleaner Vibe is your trusted provider of premium-quality cleaning services in Baltimore, Washington, D.C. and throughout the region. Whether your home is near Rock Creek Park or around Ford’s Theatre, you can count on our experts to take care of it with utmost dedication and precision. Reach out to our friendly service to schedule your appointment and reap all the perks of working with us!