Do you feel cringy about moving into the new apartment? Leaving the old one and shifting to the new one brings you a lot of stress and tiredness as it needs to be cleaned and organized from scratch. Even in some cases, you may expect to leave your rental house clean and tidy as per the demands of landlords. Do you suck with the same?

Don’t worry, Cleaner vibe has your back and provides you with professional apartment cleansing assistance and Professional Move Move Out Cleaning Service that will no doubt make your rental place ready to use before leaving or moving in.

What Are the Average Home Cleaning Prices for 2024?

In accordance with standard industry rates, the approximate cost of a one-time apartment cleaning ranges from $75 to $140 for a 1 bedroom, 1-bathroom apartment. For a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom condo, the price starts at $135-$140.

Be sure to check if the company offers you a mandatory or optional free evaluation to protect you from hidden charges Also, check their credentials and testimonial to be sure of their authenticity.

What Are the Extra Charges?

Don’t be fooled if a cleaning company offers very low prices for cleaning your entire apartment, as there may be hidden prices behind the service. Along with that, here is the price list of the typical extra services used by most customers for their apartment cleaning needs.

  •       Oven – $20 to $50
  •       Laundry – $5 – $20 for one wash
  •       Cabinet Furniture – $20 to $50
  •       Carpet Cleaning – $0.20 to $0.40 per square foot
  •       Cleaning wooden furniture and accessories – $20 to $40
  •       Refrigerator – $20 to $80
  •       Windows and glass surfaces – $50

However, you can always ask us or any local cleaning company for our apartment cleaning price list today.

What Are the Standard Services You Can Expect in Your Apartment Cleaning Package?

Technically, this varies company to company, every company has its own set of services in its package. But  here are the  primary services you can expect from a professional apartment cleaning package

  •       Bedroom
  •       Bathroom
  •       Kitchen and vanity area
  •       sink and faucet
  •       Glasses and mirrors surfaces
  •       Vacuum and deep cleaning

When your local cleaner offers something like this for a reasonable price, it’s already a bargain. If you want Cleaner Vibe as your perfect cleaning partner, you can call us for our price list and approximate cost details.

What Is the Estimated Hourly Rate For Apartment Cleaning?

In addition to paying per room or per square foot, hourly rates can also be applied to smaller apartments. With that, an approximate standard hourly fee for apartment cleaning is approximately $30 and $50.

Move Out Cleaning Services

Confident mixed race people standing with crossed arms at apartment with modern interior. Team of cleaning service wearing green apron and yellow rubber gloves.

If you want your household maid to take on various tasks, hourly rates can go up from $90 to $195 per hour.  Generally, you must use the technique of negotiation with your cleaning provider and their services to cut the cleaning expenses. Before negotiating, research industry rates and fundamental services to make a better deal for both parties.

How Much Does the House Cleaning Service Cost?

Whether the space is vacant for a while or not does matter, the estimated fee for cleaning the apartment is between $100 and $355. The larger the room size, the higher the cost will be because it takes more work and effort. more area to clean and disinfect

What Is the Upcoming Price for Apartment Cleaning?

The condominium is larger than an apartment, with an average area of ​​1200 square feet. Depending on the market on average, cleaning a 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom apartment ranges from $110 to $200

How Much Does a Standard Apartment Cleaning Service Cost?

By far the average market price to clean an apartment locally is between $75 and $140, excluding surcharges, as you have to ask in advance. In addition, we have included a price list for the standard rates for cleaning your apartment for 2021

  •       1 bed, 1 bathroom = $65 to $95
  •       1 bed, 2 bathrooms = $85 to $110
  •       2 Beds, 1 Bathroom = $90 to $125
  •       2 Beds, 2 Bathrooms = $100 to $135
  •       3 Beds, 2 Bathrooms = $140 to $180
  •       4 Beds, 2 Bathrooms = $140 to $200

If you still failed to find a reputable local residential and commercial cleaning company to rely on, give Cleaner vibe a call. We can offer you premium services on a pocket-friendly budget.

The Average Cost of Deep Cleaning Service

It is recommended to deep clean the apartment in two cases

  • You’re moving into a new space and want to make sure it’s clean and fresh. 
  •  If you leave your apartment in a dirty state, cleaning will make it difficult for you to clean.

Depending on the market, the price for an apartment deep cleaning package is between $110 and $170 If you require additional services, prices can range from $220 to $500+

In the meantime, here is an updated price list of apartment deep cleaning services for 2021 1 bed, 1 bathroom = $95 – $130

  •       1 bed, 2 bathrooms = $100 – $165
  •       2 Beds, 1 Bathroom = $125 – $180
  •       2 Beds, 2 Bathrooms = $140 – $200
  •       3 beds, 2 bathrooms = $185 – $285
  •       4 Beds, 2 Bathrooms = $205 to $400

What to Expect From a Deep Cleaning Service?

Moving into a new home is a big step in your life, and while it’s exhilarating, it also comes with a lot of responsibility. While a new home is most likely clean, a deep cleaning treatment will ensure it is spotless 

Deep cleaning a home involves removing all surface dirt and grime that accumulates over time and restoring the home to its original condition. This process can take a lot of time and money as professional apartment cleaning services may charge high, but the results are definitely worth it.

Our deep cleaning service ensures that the hidden, enclosed spaces inside your apartment or condominium are professionally disinfected and decontaminated. With that, our housekeepers will go above and beyond when you take advantage of our apartment deep cleaning package

 Here are some tentative inclusions for our deep sterilization process.

  •       Sink, faucet, and dishwasher
  •       Tiles, shower curtain, and vent cover
  •       Kitchen hood and exhaust
  •       Empty and disinfect your trash 
  •       Clean the inside of your fridge and oven
  •       Clean your terrace and small appliances

Why Should You Hire a Professional Apartment Cleaning Service?

There are many benefits to hiring a professional cleaning service for your home. Think cleaning services are only for commercial buildings? You may be surprised that many professional apartment cleaning services have a professional reputation for keeping the home clean and sanitary.

Moving into or out of your apartment or condominium is a tedious task that takes time, money, and effort Plus, you’ll have to think about a new place to live, where you’ll settle down with your loved ones

 To make this experience work for you,  you should consider hiring an expert cleaning company like Cleaner vibe to help you complete this task with ease.

Here Are the Main Benefits You Will Get from Relying on Experts-

  •       Deep cleaning and decontamination
  •       Timely completion of  cleaning work
  •       Licensed and Insured Maid
  •       Make sure to meet your landlord’s standards so you can get your  deposit
  •       Reasonable packages
  •       Service of cleaning apartments or tailor-made apartments

Are you ready to get your apartment clean and sanitized? Book Now Cleaning Service Today!