Sofas can be defined as the anchor point of your home’s interior decor. They are amongst the first things that are noticed by guests and reflect the home dwellers’ eye for detail. The correct way to clean a sofa depends on factors like shape, material, fabric, and cut of the sofa. A Sofa Couch will require different cleaning approaches based on the chosen fabric.

Understanding these specific requirements is crucial before diving into any cleaning process.

Understand The Specific Needs Of Your Sofa
Take note of the fabric used in your sofa. Accordingly, you can check the material’s care requirements and those of any of the dangling parts.

Look For Manufacturer’s Instructions
The manufacturer’s instructions can also acquaint you with the best care practices for your specific sofa. It is the most reliable source of information on how to keep your sofa clean effectively.

Read The Cleaning Tag
Read the cleaning tag carefully on your sofa to prevent any cleaning mishaps. “W” is good for water cleaning, “S” for solvent-based cleaner, “WS” permits both, while “X” indicates only vacuuming.

In Case Your Sofa Gets Stained, You Can Adhere To The Following Steps

The first thing to do would be to get rid of any excess material that might be there on the fabric without causing it to spread or seep any further. You can use cloth to wipe off food, paint, or mud stains.

Always go for the right cleaning approach. Choose your cleaning solution that resonates with the fabric type, manufacturer’s instructions and fabric tags. For delicate fabric, try opting for shampooing or detergent pens.

For paint or grease stains, use a detergent cleaner. If you still feel that the stain hasn’t dimmed down, you can also contact Cleaner Vibe for expert assistance. For water stains, we suggest using a water-free cleanser such as baking soda.

For making a homemade sofa cleaning solution, you can use some white vinegar and baking soda and use the mixture at your discretion. Remember to test this first to look for signs of damage.

Suppose the fabric of your sofa has stains that refuse to come off. You can cover the area with a throw to minimize visibility.

How to clean a fabric sofa

How to clean a fabric sofa

What To Do For General Upkeep of Your Sofa

Your sofa’s regular maintenance measure, you must dust your sofa every day and vacuum it occasionally. You can repeat the intensity of this cleaning as per the condition and texture of your sofa. You can also wipe the surface of your sofa with a damp cloth.

You must avoid using a wet cloth if your sofa fabric is made from materials like suede or velvet. For a more effective cleaning experience, you can use a steamer to deep clean the sofa.

What To Do If Your Sofa Smells

A foul-smelling sofa is one of the most prominent signs that suggest that your sofa needs cleansing. To manage this odor, you can sprinkle some baking soda on the couch. Focus on areas that have odours and stains.

Allow it to sit on the fabric for 20 minutes or something. You can increase the time duration if the smell is a bit severe. After that, you clean the baking soda from your sofa. While this natural solution is very effective in dealing with foul smells, one cannot understate the value of vacuuming or steam cleaning your sofa occasionally.

Best Ways To Clean A Leather Sofa

Cleaning a leather sofa requires specific care. There are many types of leather sofas, such as Top Grain Leather. It can be cleaned, buffed, and polished for specialized leather fabric cleaning solutions for the best results.

Faux Leather looks like leather, but it isn’t so. Faux leather sofas can crack over time. Therefore, it is very important to keep it dry.

Suede Leather requires gentle and mild cleansers to protect its delicate texture. For best care, always remember to keep the leather sofa away from direct sunlight and avoid moisture, as it can damage your sofa.


What is the right number of times to clean your sofa?

Consistent cleaning is very important for the maintenance of your sofa. You can use it once a week and go for a deep cleanse once or twice a year.

How will I know that my sofa needs cleaning?

You will know that your sofa needs cleaning when you notice the following things:
Bad odor
Dull appearance.

List some common things that can stain your sofa.

Some of the most common things that can stain your sofa are:
Cooking oil
Butter etc.

Who can I contact for the best sofa cleaning services?

Cleaner Vibe is your trusted ally when it comes to top-notch sofa cleaning. Our cleaning personnel are trained, licensed and professional.