If you love to organize but need help knowing where to begin, we suggest you read along. In this blog, we have put together a house cleaning checklist that will let you clean your home efficiently and thoroughly. 

By following this list put together by Cleaner Vibe, you will be able to comprehensively clean your home while ensuring that no cleaning aspect is overlooked. We are names to reckon with when professionally cleaning your home or workspace. Still, we also believe in empowering individuals with the correct knowledge to maintain clean homes. 

In addition to following this checklist, you can also get in touch with us for top-notch professional cleaning assistance to help you create a spick and span space for yourself and your family. 

Here is a general checklist that you can refer to before cleaning your home. Adhering to this checklist will make it easy for you to gather your supplies and get cleaning done effectively:

  • Declutter your space 

This is the first and most crucial step before cleaning any space. Clearing out the clutter will give you fewer things to manage and clean, making your work a bit easier. Take out old books, magazines, newspapers, DVDs, furniture, toys, old clothes, shoes etc. You can make separate piles for donating or recycling. Once you’re done, you will have a sat hand that needs to be organized, and surprisingly, there will be a mole space for storage. Put the shoes away in shoe racks properly, manage the books, and arrange the drawers as needed. 

  • Dust and Wipe

Start dusting from higher levels and then gradually move your way down. You can use a dry or dampened microfiber cloth to remove dust. You can even tie the fabric to the end of a mop or broom to access high or hard-to-reach places. This is also effective in removing cobwebs. For cleaning slatted blinds, you can close them one way and dust them, then close them the other way and repeat. 

Once at it, you can clean the tops of doors, fans, light fixtures, picture frames, etc. To prevent streaking on photo frames, TV screens, or computer monitors, you can use a glass cleaner on a microfiber cloth. Then, dust the furniture, shelves, and other surfaces. 

  • Make sure that your vacuum bag isn’t full.

Before vacuuming, check that your bag or compartment isn’t full and that the settings and attachments are correct. Vacuum the floors and rugs throughout the house, using attachments to access corners. Remember to vacuum under couch and chair cushions and get into nooks and crannies. 

  • Floors

Take a vacuum to clean carpets. Begin by sweeping hard surface floors. After sweeping, mop the floors from the farthest corner. Consider using a vacuum attachment for spots like behind toilets and under furniture. Rinse your mop after completing each area and change out the mop water when it becomes too dirty 

  • Bathrooms

Remove bath rugs, trashcans, and anything in the tub or shower area. Take down the shower curtain and wash it in your washer. Spray a cleaner on the shower walls, doors, and tub, then scrub them with a scrubbing pad. Apply cleaner to the grout and let it sit for 20 minutes before rinsing the shower walls and tub. Clean the vanity, sink, and faucet with a befitting cleaner, then rinse. Wipe down the mirror with a cloth and glass cleaner. Complete the routine by mopping the floor and rinsing off any residue.

  • Kitchen

Remove everything from the countertops and wash them with a damp cloth and a cleaner. Rinse the fabric well and then wipe the exterior and interior of the cabinets. Clean the kitchen appliances, and run a hot water cycle in your dishwasher with a cup of baking soda to freshen it. Clean the inside and outside of the microwave and other appliances. Clean the sink and pour baking soda down the drain to control odor. Finish by mopping the floor. 

  • Clean Room-by-Room 

Tackling one room at a time makes the job easier to manage. It can help you break down house cleaning into smaller tasks. You can clean one room each day or choose a cleaning day for many rooms. 

  • Refresh the bedroom

Pick up any clothing or other unnecessary things from the floor. Sprinkle baking soda on the mattress, vacuum it, and put on fresh bedding covers, cushions, throw pillows, etc. Dust the windows and doors, as well as all other surfaces. Clean the windows with glass cleaner and sweep the bedroom floor.

  • Clean The Living Room 

Declutter the living room. Dust everything, including picture frames, shelves, and furniture. Vacuum the floor and clean the windows and blinds. Remove any loose cushions and clean them and the area below them as well. Wipe the electronics with a clean cloth. Use a sanitizer and a paper towel to disinfect remotes, controllers, and other handheld electronics.

  • Dining Room Cleaning

Start by cleaning the light fixture or ceiling fan with a microfiber cloth. Then, clean the windows and blinds. Remove everything from the dining table and wipe it with a damp cloth. Clean the legs of the table as well. Damp-wipe the dining chairs from top to bottom. After that, vacuum or sweep the floor.

  • Clean the Laundry Room

Move the cleaning supplies into cabinets and remove laundry baskets. Wipe the light fixture or ceiling fans and clean the ledges above doors and windows. Use a cleaner to wipe the exterior of the washer and dryer. Clean the laundry counter and cabinet doors as well. Sweep and mop the floor, and remember to wash any dirty laundry that might be there. 

Make sure that all trash bins are emptied and the liners are replaced. Make your bed by changing the covers and adjusting the throw pillows.  

Besides utilizing this house cleaning checklist, you can also hire our team of professional cleaners to help you maintain a clean home.

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